Gaza Traer



Is a Heart-wrenching, Eye wetting, Soul wrecking documentary.

I had thought I had cried enough for them during that period time, but Tears of Gaza or Gaza Traer (The original Norwegian title of the documentary), had proven me wrong.
In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard while watching a documentary / movie. In a cinema, especially! Here I thought nothing could’ve beaten Titanic! (Cut me some slack here, that was one of the most heartbreaking movie, ever! …Back then, that is.) (Yes, I’m also aware that Titanic wasn’t entirely a true story.)

I had legitly bawled. They weren’t kidding when they said “Make sure you have packets of tissues on you, while watching it”. I finished THREE packs. Yeah, that’s right. THREE packs of tissues.
They were all wholly and fully drenched. Crazy, I know!

…Right, back to the reason of this post…

The documentary was made back in 2010 in accordance to Israel’s Cast Lead Operation, of which had taken some 1400 lives of Palestinians and left more than 5000 injured and tons of others without a home. It had been a genocide that lasted over 22 days.

This documentary revolves around the lives of three Palestinian children. During the war and after the cease-fire. Of which, whom with the rest of the Palestinians, had their worlds left upside down by that very same Israeli Operation.

This is your chance to be IN the land, yourself. Feel the pain, the anguish these people had felt. Watch as they tell you how their lives were, and how it is now. See things through the eyes of the very same people you call terrorists.

For the people of America, bear witness as to where your tax money goes to.

For the people of Europe, see just what sort of beings you are supporting.

They deserve to have their story heard.

They deserve the right to live.

They deserve to no longer live in fear.

Operation Pillar Of Cloud was close to causing the same thing.

Don’t ever let Israel get away with this again.

Watch it for yourself and learn the truth of things.


Tears Of Gaza

Directed by,

Vibeke Løkkeberg

Till next time…xoxo.


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