Israel – Gaza Cease-fire

Yes, I do know that this posting has came in late, but I was out celebrating the victory, last night. Haha

A cease-fire between The Gaza Strip and Israel, HAS been put in place.
Though, it seems that Israel hasn’t got itself a functioning clock, because until 9 minutes into the agreed time, drones and airstrikes were still heard.

Even with the agreement, they had decided to use the entire time and some extra minutes to terrorize the people of Gaza.

At around 21:10 – 21:12 local time, you could hear the chants of

“Allah Hu’Akbar”

which means God Is Great, by the mosques and people on the street, throughout the whole strip. Fireworks were also released, in sign of celebration to the end of the genocide. The once empty Street of Gaza, had came back to life. It had been one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. The pride and the love they had, vibrated through the whole land.

Even with this so called victory, we must not forget the number of people who had lost their lives, their family members, their homes, and possibly…their sanity. (The name and the list of the Martyrs will be uploaded soon) We will continue to try our very best to help them as much as we can.

and we too have to remember, the suffering isn’t entirely over. Just because the Operation Pillar Of Cloud has stopped, doesn’t mean the daily terrorizing would stop. The siege on Gaza, has yet to be lifted. Believe you me, Israel will find itself a reason to break the cease-fire agreement. Not that I’m hoping, but it certainly is what it is. Though I’m hopeful, when that time comes around, people will no longer be blind or deaf as they have been now.

…And oh, guess what this means for the likes of me? SLEEP. PROPER AND FULL 8 Hours of SLEEP. 😀

That’s all for now, till next time…xoxo.



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