Palestine Occupied – History in Brief


“NOTE : (An even briefer) BRIEF HISTORY, can be found below.”

Palestine, as what is considered by most Palestinians, is the area covered by what we now call Israel (not really), plus the Occupied Territories. It also borders Lebanon in the North, Syria and Jordan in the East, touches Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the South and the Mediterranean Sea, in the West.

In the year 1917, the British had promised a homeland for the Jews through the Balfour Declaration in the land of Palestine. Of which, Just so you’d know, the people living in there, could trace their roots over many centuries.
At this particular time, more than 90% of the population were Arabs. Consisting of Muslims and Christians, both.

The mass migration of Jews had began in the 1920s and tension, was inevitable. Britain, possibly out of fear, had then handed over the matter to the United Nations to have it dealt with.

In the historical year of 1948, the UN partitioned the land to create the State of Israel, giving Jews more than 55% of the land when they made up only one third of the population and owned only a total of 6% of the total land area.
The Palestinians were forced off their land, even though they were the legal and rightful owners. Since then, they had NEVER been allowed to return.

It was also in 1948, after a war with her Arab neighbors, that Israel seized another 22% of the land, expelled some 800,000 inhabitant and destroyed about 531 villages.

Then, in 1967 after the Six Day War, Israel occupied Gaza and the West Bank.
In that very same year, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 242, declaring the occupation illegal and demanded Israel to withdraw and return the land to its rightful owners.

Israel ignored the demand and continues to ignore many other UN resolutions, since. This is because (as hard as it is for me to say) the U.S has been vetoing all efforts to end the illegal occupation.

YOU, get to be the judge. Do the people of Palestine deserve to be treated this way? or, do they not?

Your voice holds power.

Embrace it.

USE it.

Make the change we so badly need.

Map and an even briefer history :


Source : al-Arabiya & VPM


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