Pro-Palestine / Anti-Israel?

Many have said that there isn’t any point of listening to what I have to say, or the fact that my thoughts don’t matter, all because of the state of my faith. Just because I am what I am,
I am considered, automatically, as to be biased and as such.

Let me make some things clear,

I’m not picking sides or am I biased per-se. I’m not against the Israelis (wholly). I have no problems with the Jews. It isn’t a race or a religion that I’m fighting for, or fighting against. It’s simply the fact that I can’t stand watching human rights being breached. The fact that innocent lives are being killed. What I’m doing, is, standing up for humanity. No one. And I repeat, absolutely NO ONE deserves to be treated as how the Palestinians are being treated. So before you go on and give me a lecture, understand why my stand is how it is.

I am not “Pro-Palestinian”,

I am not “anti-Israeli”,

I simply am Pro-Humanity.


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