TWA Flight 840

This is no new or current news, it’s simply just a story I felt was necessary to have it shared.
…and off we go.


29th August 1969 – A Trans World Airlines flight from Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport in Rome, Italy, to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, was hijacked. TWA Flight 840, was the said affected flight.

Those who had lived in that era, would have remembered just how big of a deal it had been. It was the first time a plane was hijacked, by a woman. A woman, named Leila Khaled.

It isn’t something to be proud about, but the story behind it holds high power and meaning.

Leila Khaled, the convicted flight hijacker and her team had diverted Boeing 707 to Damascus, where then, Khaled had forced the pilot to fly over Haifa, Palestine, just so she could see her birthplace. The place she was no longer allowed to step foot on.

Though her doings were wrong, taking her rights away, was even worse.

In my eyes, she hadn’t been a monster. But instead, she had been a hero.

She fought to do something, while others sat and mourned.

She stood up, when all the rest of the world wanted to do, was fall.

Note: No one had been critically injured, besides a bruise or two, I would say.

On the 4th of December, Tuesday, Khaled had entered Gaza for the first time. Senior PFLP leader Kayid al-Ghoul said Khaled will take part in the anniversary celebrations for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, (and will be briefed on the damage caused by Israel’s recent eight-day assault on the coastal enclave.)

Her dream to return, had finally came true. Though it may not be in Haifa itself, (since Haifa is now considered a part of Israel) but it’s certainly close enough.

Dreams do come true, though, only for those who work for it.


Leila Khaled, then and now


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