I Stand by Israel – Wait, WHAT?!



Have you ever wondered where your level of love and pride for Israel came from? Well, ta-da! This is how it happens!

Quietly, Sneakily and, Unknowingly.

If the projects and discussions you constantly have are on topics like this, it’s no wonder how half of the states worships Israel. Brainwashing had been done from the very beginning and at a pretty young age.
…No, you’re right. There’s certainly no wrong in talking about issues like such, but is it not wrong to be teaching your kids to accept and support a war that is coming to be? A war where more than our little brains could count the number of casualties for sure?

In short, it’s Iraq all over again. You destroy the whole land just to come up with the statements of “oops, the weapons weren’t there. We made a mistake.”

Enough is enough. Hundreds of our soldiers were killed. Thousands of civilians were massacred.
Mothers left childless, wives left with broken hearts, and children, left with only a memory of what they once called a father.

What gave you the license to kill, America?


Stop preaching lies.


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