Goodbye – Twice


                                              Luay Abd Al Hakeem Abu Jarad

On the 23rd of October 2012, Luay Abd Al Hakeem Abu Jarad – 24 years old, a Palestinian freedom fighter, had died protecting his family, his neighbourhood and his land.


Palestinian mourners carrying the body of Luay Abu Jarad.

The story for this family hadn’t ended there.


Moments before Mustafa passed on

Less than 70 days later, on the 14th Of January 2013 at 7pm local time, 21 year old – Mustafa Abd Al Hakeem Abu Jarad (brother of Luay) was shot in the head by a Zionist soldier in the North of Beit Lahia, Northern of the Gaza Strip. Mustafa was a mere farmer.

“From his cousin :

“Mustafa Abu-Jarad, my dear cousin, has been assassinated by the Zionists today. My eyes cannot stop gushing tears as we will all miss you…May Allah bless you and place your soul among the chosen ones, amin”

Yet again, the Abu Jarad family had lost a loved one to the hands of the Zionist soldiers.

The family had yet to be done mourning over the earlier lost, now they’re forced to go through the heartache and suffering of losing another.

May both brothers be placed amongst the chosen and ever blessed.


A mother forced to say goodbye to both of her boys


The Funeral proceeding of Mustafa Abu Jarad


See and feel the pain and anguish of a sister who lost both of her brothers