“Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”


Recalling an “incident” that had occurred a few months back, while ‘hanging out’ with a of couple friends and a dear teacher (Let’s have her called, Miss S), I had mentioned about the recent brutal killings of Palestinian children (In The Operation Pillar of Cloud) that had been carried out by Israel.

Miss S, had abruptly and angrily stated that “Oi! Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”
Warning me to cut short the conversation.

Somehow she had seen it to be as some sort of personal attack because the words, “Israel” “The IDF” “Brutal actions” and “Zionism” were heard. It was as though my mentioning of children being mercilessly killed, left without shelter or loved ones, passed right through her ears. Had those lives lost meant nothing?

There is a difference between loyalty and absurdity. If the killings of the innocent is somehow permissible to you, because apparently you were told that “God said so”, I simply have to ask, what sort of God could you possibly be believing in, if it means that one is meant to be unjust to the other? That a man has a right over an other? That a life is suddenly unworthy? Had God not said, “Thou shall not kill”? There had been no if’s and but’s to his orders.

Why would you believe in the preaching of men when Our Lord has decreed to us something else, entirely?

Not agreeing with the actions of the Zionists does not make you un-Christian, in fact, it makes you a stronger one. For you are standing on the side of the right. Being with the oppressed rather than the other oppressor. Will you not then be seen better in HIS eyes.

Get a deeper understanding on this issue. It isn’t about religion. It’s about our fellow mankind being killed.

Could it possibly be right for us to have our rights when our brothers and sisters elsewhere, are being deprived of it?

Change your mindset, help save lives.

“Christians United For Peace” had written a very lovely piece on this matter, as well, do read! :