Son of Jerusalem



CONFIRMED: There has been an initial agreement with Palestinian legendary hunger striker Samer Issawi on his own terms and the “Israeli Prison Service (IPS)” that in exchange for ending his hunger strike he carries out an additional 8 months in prison to end all his military court charges once in for all without any further legal action against him regarding his case and that he be released un-condtionally to his home in al Issawia in the district of Jerusalem. According to lawyer Jawad Bulous this agreement is expected be finalized in the coming hours and a press release by the Palestinian Prisoners Club will be held regarding the deal agreement. Samer Issawi has resumed his supplements as of midnight Palestine time and thanks every single person and organization that has stood by his side and supported his fight for freedom and justice!

We reiterate that this agreement has NOT been finalized yet and we will keep you posted as we continue with developments! Thank you for your continued support! Long live Palestine and it’s heroic Palestinian people!

After 277 long days of being on Hunger Strike, and even longer days of being tortured and beaten, held without trial, Samer Issawi, son of Jerusalem has achieved ‘victory’! (Yes, I am aware that it has yet to be fully and officially finalized, but in cases like this, a celebration is still due!)

I for one believe that it is more than right to say that He truly is a living legend of our time!
Samer Issawi is the epitome of the term “Hero“.
He had stood his ground and stared into the eyes of Israel’s Occupation itself and had said “I will take my freedom, whether you like it or not.”
He had challenged death itself, for freedom.

He has truly brought the definition of strength and dignity to a whole new level.

The struggles that Issawi faced, had not only been for him, rather it had been for all of Palestine. His freedom signifies a closer victory for the Palestinian people as a whole!

Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), it’s absolutely amazing to be able to finally say these words, knowing that a for-certain freedom is with him!

As Rafeef Ziadah had said, “We (the Palestinian people) wake, to teach the world life, sir.”

Samer Issawi is a living proof of that. He has truly taught us life.

*To the people behind “The Free Samer Issawi Campaign”, you guys have been absolutely inspirational! From sharing the necessary news we need to hear, to the campaigns you have started! From the bottom of my heart, (and I’m sure hearts of many others), thank you so much for all that you have done to have brought the plight to light 🙂 ❤


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