Memorial Day


For those who aren’t aware or not in the know, Memorial Day is a United States federal
holiday of which occurs every year, on the last Monday of May. It is a day, where the whole nation comes together and remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

To just about everyone, it is seen to a be a day where the lives of heroes, the sacrifices they have made, are remembered. But to me, Today is the day, where parents are forced to relive the deaths of their children, where wives are forced to face their status as widows, where children are forced to remember that Mummy or Daddy, is never coming home again.

Has any of us ever taken the time, to sit back, and think upon the sacrifices that were made? The lives that were changed? The things that are no longer the same? The billions of dollars that was spent in the name of self defense? To have nothing but blood, in our hands?

We spent, and we waste, so much lives…all in the name of lies.

Over 1500 troops have died in Afghanistan.

Over 4000 troops had died in Iraq.

Most of them, ranging from 20 to 29 in age. These young men and women, whose lives had only just begun, still at it’s very peak, will not be able to see, nor will they be able to spend their lives, with the ones they love.

And not to forget, the ones who were wounded in action. Of which the numbers had totaled up to a total of 50,806: (32,222 in Iraq; 18,584 in Afghanistan). These are the numbers we rarely see, and are almost never told about, by the media.

Over thousands (Time to do the math!) of families, will no longer be the same again.

You know what the worst part is?
Through the horror and the pain, none, and I repeat, NONE of it needed to happen. They hadn’t needed to die, they didn’t need to return without limbs.
Because they didn’t go to fight to save their country, but instead they had gone to fight to save the rich.

The wars, the blood, the loss of billions of dollars, did not need to happen. There were no WMDs. There were no true terrorists.

The soldiers had died, for nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

It is truly a Memorial Day.

A day, where I’m forced to remember the stupidity of this nation.
A day, where I’m made to see the blood on my hands, for the deaths of the innocent that I have contributed to.
A day, where I’m left to see the faces of the young that were sent off, with hopes and dreams of saving their countries, but instead…came back in caskets.
A day, where the leaders of the nations pretend to weep, but they’re the very reason for the need of this very day.

The men and women, had been brave. They had strength and courage, like no other. But they had fought, the wrong way, the wrong people. The people we truly need to save the country from, are the ones in our backyards. The people who are leading it.

Take time, and sit with the veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Have them explain and tell you what I mean, when I say all that I did. We need to learn from our past lessons. Don’t let more die, in our name.

Let us mourn the millions America slaughtered, then mourn the US Soldiers


Fighting Over A Losing Battle


As a Palestinian activist myself (or at least as far as I’ve tried and come to be), I simply have to say that I’ve felt as though my efforts on supporting the plight have become useless, after hearing the amount of hate that has been hurled at Harry Fear. Is what I’m doing wrong? Should I stop? It’s not that I ask for recognition, nor am I expecting to be appreciated, but shouldn’t all our efforts, at the very least be respected?

The amount of things that has been said in connections to Fear, has been nothing short but painful to read. How can you speak about him in such a manner, when you don’t know him personally? It isn’t quite fair to me, it seems.

Yes, he has blocked people off of his facebook pages, twitter and so forth, but is that not a choice? Does he not have the right to do as he pleases on his own accord? To deal with the negativity as he wishes? There’s a difference between asking a question, and hurling accusations, at a person.

On the talks of money, I’d like to make it very clear, on his recent World Talking Tour, he had not asked for a single cent. All the organizers had to do, was to have his flights and accommodation prepared for him. His trip to Malaysia had not been a ‘holiday’ as some people had said. His schedule had been packed, from the start till the end, with talks and interviews. He barely had time to rest and sleep! It’s beyond me how he managed to fulfill his work as how he had!

Most importantly, not to forget, in every talk and interview that he had done, he had emphasized that he does NOT appreciate, the fact that (He) as the messenger was seen to be, and treated as more important than the message. He made sure personal questions had been kept to a minimal, and concentrated more and entirely on the Palestinian cause.

On the fact that he’s made mistakes with his reporting during the War, and how his choice of words may not have been used in a manner that is acceptable by a certain number of people, but…at the end of the day, is Harry Fear not only human? Is he not entitled to make mistakes? I clearly remember that during the war, tons of information had been reported wrongly, by many parties. But that’s simply how it is, because in times like such, there’s no proper way of verifying the incidents at the very moment of its occurrence. Is that not understandable?

He is a ‘People’s journalist’. By definition of that, his sustenance is based on what the people have willingly contributed. That is simply how this line of journalism works. Take for example, during the aggression that occurred in Rohingya, people had raised money and had funded a journalist, to have sent over. No complaints were heard. Why? Because we need that sort of news source, do we not?

On attaining fame, that is simply something that comes with the work that he does. He doesn’t ask to be idolized, but certain people CHOOSE to do so. How could he possibly be blamed for that? The fact that he is recognized by many, his work is shared by tons, are those all not simply blessings for him from Allah, for the good (and hard work) that he has done? Whether some of us like it or not, there are more eyes being opened…there are more hearts that have turned, especially from the Western world. Is this not what we all want? Is this not the mission that we as activists expected/wanted to achieve?

In short what I’m trying to say is, he is not perfect. He makes mistakes. But as I’ve said, he is only human.

So, rather than we harp on the wrong, why can’t we focus on the good? Let us look beyond minute imperfections.

Because how can we possibly expect to bring our one true enemy (Israel) down, when we’re too busy hating on each other?

Truly, at the end of the day, should it matter not, whether we are Palestinians who live in Palestine, or perhaps Palestinians whom live on foreign land, or simply, a Palestinian at heart? For, the most crucial point is that, WE ARE ALL IN THIS FOR ONE PURPOSE, AND ONE PURPOSE ONLY : To liberate Palestine. Therefore, should there not be room or space for hatred amongst us? 😦

If the intention had been clean and pure, why was one out of many others picked on? The reasonings don’t justify the actions carried out. People are watching, people are listening. So, before more damage is done, be it to yourself, the people or the country, can we please stop and put an end to this ‘hate campaign’?

It isn’t a nice feeling to be thinking that we are putting up a battle for a “lost cause” due to internal actions.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Let us all work towards that, shall we?

Make love, not war. 🙂 ❤