Memorial Day


For those who aren’t aware or not in the know, Memorial Day is a United States federal
holiday of which occurs every year, on the last Monday of May. It is a day, where the whole nation comes together and remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

To just about everyone, it is seen to a be a day where the lives of heroes, the sacrifices they have made, are remembered. But to me, Today is the day, where parents are forced to relive the deaths of their children, where wives are forced to face their status as widows, where children are forced to remember that Mummy or Daddy, is never coming home again.

Has any of us ever taken the time, to sit back, and think upon the sacrifices that were made? The lives that were changed? The things that are no longer the same? The billions of dollars that was spent in the name of self defense? To have nothing but blood, in our hands?

We spent, and we waste, so much lives…all in the name of lies.

Over 1500 troops have died in Afghanistan.

Over 4000 troops had died in Iraq.

Most of them, ranging from 20 to 29 in age. These young men and women, whose lives had only just begun, still at it’s very peak, will not be able to see, nor will they be able to spend their lives, with the ones they love.

And not to forget, the ones who were wounded in action. Of which the numbers had totaled up to a total of 50,806: (32,222 in Iraq; 18,584 in Afghanistan). These are the numbers we rarely see, and are almost never told about, by the media.

Over thousands (Time to do the math!) of families, will no longer be the same again.

You know what the worst part is?
Through the horror and the pain, none, and I repeat, NONE of it needed to happen. They hadn’t needed to die, they didn’t need to return without limbs.
Because they didn’t go to fight to save their country, but instead they had gone to fight to save the rich.

The wars, the blood, the loss of billions of dollars, did not need to happen. There were no WMDs. There were no true terrorists.

The soldiers had died, for nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

It is truly a Memorial Day.

A day, where I’m forced to remember the stupidity of this nation.
A day, where I’m made to see the blood on my hands, for the deaths of the innocent that I have contributed to.
A day, where I’m left to see the faces of the young that were sent off, with hopes and dreams of saving their countries, but instead…came back in caskets.
A day, where the leaders of the nations pretend to weep, but they’re the very reason for the need of this very day.

The men and women, had been brave. They had strength and courage, like no other. But they had fought, the wrong way, the wrong people. The people we truly need to save the country from, are the ones in our backyards. The people who are leading it.

Take time, and sit with the veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Have them explain and tell you what I mean, when I say all that I did. We need to learn from our past lessons. Don’t let more die, in our name.

Let us mourn the millions America slaughtered, then mourn the US Soldiers


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