O’ People of Egypt


I’ve never thought I’d ever be writing about Egypt seeing as how I’m no where near being throughly educated in the political aspect of the country, nor am I Egyptian by any means, but seeing the vile atrocity that’s been happening the past few days, I feel as though ‘to heck with it’, explains exactly how I’m feeling.

I do not care if you hate the Muslim Brotherhood ‘party’, despise it even. It doesn’t change much of anything. But the fact that there are still so many Egyptians standing by and just watching as their brothers get killed…now, that simply disgusts me. How can one willingly stand on the side that is killing your fellow people by the hundreds? Do your brothers and sisters, the ones you’ve lived with, in harmony, for the most part, for centuries, mean nothing to you? Those who had martyred in Rabaa and everywhere else, hadn’t been just a bunch of nameless beings. These are the people most of you had grown up with, lived next to, went to school with, loved, had they deserved to die in the arms of a dictating monster?

Why has the blind hate you amazingly have for a movement, a political party (that was democratically elected, mind you) be the reason that you approve the mindless actions of a man who wants nothing but to bring you back to where you had started? Why are you allowing your nation to be brought back to the times of Mubarak? Had the suffering then, not been enough?

You were the one nation in the Middle East, that had given everyone around you, the spirit to fight for their rights. You were the nation that had been an exemplary success of a victorious revolution. It had been you, O’ People of Egypt. It had been you, who had became the source of strength for your neighbours. So why are things the way they are now?

You were victorious, once. You can be victorious, again. End this unnecessary ‘massacre’. Stand together as how you had at Tahrir Square, once upon a time, Bringing down a powerful and an undeniably horrifying dictator, an action you never thought would ever be possible. But you had done it. It is only you, O’ people of Egypt, who can determine your fates. Become one, once again. Be rid of the titles of Pro-Morsi or Pro-Coup. You are one nation. One people.

The world stands behind you. Put an end to this nightmare of a regime, and welcome new beginnings. Be a part of and strengthen the Brotherhood of your nation, as how we people of the world view you. (No pun intended)

We are with you, Egypt.

All you need, is just to be with yourselves.

With love and respect,
One who looks up to your nation.


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