Two Rockets Fired Into Israel ; no injuries reported


Two Qassam rockets were fired into Israel Saturday from Gaza, Channel 10 reports. The rockets landed in an uninhabited areas; no injuries were reported. 

Resistance becomes terrifying because you know there’s no means to a proper ending.

We don’t have the weaponry, we don’t have the power.

But if there was one thing the Palestinians, the Gazans do have, it’s strength. It’s resilience.

With the existence of this so called catalyst, I fear for the sake of the amazing people in Gaza that I know. There is no knowing when or how Israel will attack. With the already horrible means of living, with the floods and sewage water over flowing, electricity remains limited, gas is still unattainable…it isn’t like the other times they were attacked. Back then they still had the means, they still had the resources.

But, now?

All they’ve got, is the strength inside, and of course the awe-worthy perseverance only the Palestinians have. And by God, I hope it’s enough.

Don’t turn your backs now, nations of the world. If there is one thing that could truly change the conditions they’re living in, and their future, it’s you. It’s all of you. Do not allow another Israeli Operation to take place, promising the fate of before. They’re already preparing for it ; Israeli city to become ‘Gaza’ for three days – in army drill. Do not let your brothers and sisters die. Not in your name, not again.

Do not stay silent in situations of injustice, do not be on the side of the oppressor.

News extracted from : Israel National News & Haaretz


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