Dear Scarlett Johansson – A Letter To A Woman I Once Admired


Dear Scarlett Johansson,

Do you know what it’s like, to wake up every day, and not know what it’s like to be home?


Do you know how it feels, to walk on a path, discriminated, because of the color you are, and the family you were born into?


Do you know just how hard it is, to get to where you need to, be it for work, for school, when you’re stopped at every corner?


Do you know how painful it is, to be banned from going for mass, or being too young to pray in a mosque, when things are meant to be easy, on a land so holy?


Do you know what it’s like, to fight for your rights, but end up being signed of as nothing but terrorists?


Do you know how it feels, to be short on produces, because some idiot feels threatened by olive trees?


Do you know just how hard it is, to sit on the rubbles of what was once your home, a home that you destroyed with your own hands, because it was cheaper that way?


Do you know how painful it is, to be so close but yet so far from your loved ones, simply because of the existence of a barrier, greater than the Berlin Wall?


This letter, could go on, far longer, than it already is. But there’s no need for that, is there? (But bear with me)

Because you will never know what it’s like, to stay miles away, because people say, “This land is no longer yours. Go away.”, will you?

You will not know just how it feels, to live through everyday, being treated as though you’re no better than the scum beneath the sole of your shoes.

You won’t care about how hard it is, to get to where you need to, because the money pours in, and the ease comes through.

and you will never, ever, ever know, just how painful it is, to watch the land, the place where Jesus was born, and Islam had lived, be buried upon decades of lies, in ruins, threatened to be slayed.


Because to you, it is far better to support a company, that thrives on the sufferings of others, right?

It doesn’t matter how fairly the Palestinian workers are being treated, though they swear otherwise, because the factory it’s based upon, lies on a land, that once belonged to them, and those before them. People had lost their homes, in order for the factory to be built. And somehow you’re proud to stand by it? Amazing.

You say, that you are a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction, between Israel and Palestine. Do you even understand what that means? Do you realize that the only economic cooperation, both countries have with the other, is one monopolizing everything, and the other simply slaving? Do you know that the only social interaction that exists, in the context that you speak, is that one is spewing about the rights they apparently deserve, while they trample on the rights of the other?

A Democratic Israel and Palestine? With all due respect, what sort of rock have you been living under? As firstly an ambassador of Oxfam, how are you so unaware of the true situation between the two countries? Unless your understanding of democracy has changed to become exactly as how the twisted war-mongering nations see it, you ought to realize that there’s nothing democratic about it, at all.

How can SodaStream possibly be a company that is committed to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, when even it’s mere existence, go against every possible definition of peace itself?

You’re a brilliant actress, an amazing woman, if your work with Oxfam is anything to go by, but this, this support you have for a company that is produced through the blood of Palestinians, is simply absolutely disgusting. Don’t allow for dollar signs, that I’m sure you already see enough, and lies that are unworthy of woman so great, sway you to become a person you have never been. We had no way of stopping the first Holocaust, but it isn’t too late, to change the course of this one. You hold more power that you could ever believe.

I still have faith in you.


Don’t continue with this incorrigible mistake.


Your No-Longer-A-Fan-In-The-Making.

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12 Years a Slave

After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.
After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.

With already a dark cloud looming over me, watching 12 Years a Slave tonight, most certainly hadn’t been the wisest of choices. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a movie so hard-hitting, date-failing, makes-you-want-to-sob-like-the-little-girl-you-are-inside, in so very long. In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a movie much like that, before.

The history of the past, has always been synonymous with slavery. But the depth of it, and the severity of it, has sadly never been something I bothered about, or put my mind into. Until today, until tonight – until this movie.

The best part of it all? It’s a true story.

The story of Solomon Northup, the things that he was forced to face, the circumstance he was placed in, the fight for survival, the struggle to live…will do nothing, but shake you to the core. At one point when he says, “But I don’t want to survive. I want to LIVE.” All I wanted to do, was crumple up in a corner, and cry.

Because though at the end of it all, this man had finally found his freedom, though justice wasn’t given, there are still thousands out there, who are living through the same life, this man was forced to lived. In this time, in this age, slavery is still something that exists. Perhaps no longer in those terms, but fact still remains. A slave is what they’re treated as. That hadn’t been all. Watching through the sufferings they went through, simply reminded me of the condition Palestine and the Palestinians are in. It may not represent things in the literal way, but it had brilliantly symbolized the Palestinian plight. In other words, you could just imagine how much tissues I had to go through! It had gotten so bad, I had black smudged lines all over!

If you haven’t watched it, then please do. Because really, you need to. 

Note : Ladies, wear waterproof products ONLY, if you choose to watch this. And unless you’re ready to have your boyfriend, husband, etc. watch you cry, don’t take them with you.

If anyone knows of anyone in the cause of Human Trafficking, please do have us connected. I’ve been ignorant on this issue for far too long. It’s time for that to change.

P/S : If it hadn’t been for Brad Pitt in the movie, I would’ve probably smacked the first ‘White’ man I saw. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

17 Year Old Problems


You’re just like her, he yells.
You’re exactly like him, she spats.

Why can’t I just be me?

Though I guess she doesn’t really exist.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

“Forget about the world,

Think about you.”

But the minute I try to,

I’m nothing but the selfish woman now.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Had it all really been nothing to you?

Do I really mean so little to you?

I wish I could forget you, but I can’t figure out what’s worse.

My not being able to, or my not wanting to.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Do I need to cry in front of you,

Until my lips turn blue, before you’d begin to understand?

I’m not okay, this isn’t alright.

And you’ve lost all right.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

He blames me for all that she is,

She looks at me, and sees nothing but him.

Why am I even in between this?

I never asked to be here, so why am I punished for being around?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They tell me, “You’re growing too fast”.

“Enjoy your youth, live a little.”

Don’t you see?

How could I, when this is what’s become of my reality?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I know too much,

I don’t know enough.

I speak too much,

I don’t speak enough.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You’ve sacrificed everything for me.

You repeat, and again you repeat.

Don’t you understand, how could I be thankful,

When I’ve never asked that of you?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They called me stupid for caring,

They said I was an idiot, for being there for you.

But what else could I do, when I couldn’t afford to lose you?

It’s just a little pain, it’ll all go away. But I couldn’t stand, if you left me today.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

For years I stood by for you,

Settling things down, when it got out of hand.

With patience, I took the pain, I took the abuse.

And you throw it all back to my face.

How could you expect sorry to be enough?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

All my mistakes,

Like a public tribunal, you’ve displayed.

All my wrongs, mentioned in motion.

Yet you expect me to come out right?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You have to understand, they say.

She’s gone through so much.

What about me, and the things I go through?

What about me, the person you all go to?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Nothing I do, could ever be right.

Something wrong, you’d always find.

You get angry when I disappear, but how could I stay,

When you don’t even care?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I’m a brilliant actress, don’t you see.

Winning on stage, is nothing big to me.

For my whole life is a play,

But instead of Broadway, It’s a puppet play.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Take a listen, take heed, children of today.

Don’t allow your life, to end like how mine did.

This isn’t a fairytale, there’s no happy ending.

But this is reality, this is life.

Appreciate the 17 year old problems,

Cling on to it.

Because after that, it only gets worse.

But remember, as Ali ibn Abi Talib had said, “Hate no one, no matter how much they’ve wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much, even if you have been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you, and forgive those who have wronged you, and do not stop praying for the best, for those you love.”

It’s also so important to remember, no matter the sort of love you have in this world, be it the love of families, best friends, a special someone, a spouse, the list goes on…you will still be hurt. You will get hurt. Over and over again. Though, It is in those moments, that you will see, just how important it is to put Him first. Because He will never hurt you. He will not desert you. And when it feels like the whole word is against you, He will always remain with you.

And just because, how happiness isn’t yours today, or the next day, or the day after that, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come. He does not try you, without a promise of a better outcome. He knows what’s best for you, for it is He, who has created you. For every hardship you go through, and if your patience remains, a reward from Him, you will surely receive. Don’t be deceived by the tribulations of dunya, this world isn’t meant to be perfect. He’s simply shaping you for a better life, a better tomorrow. In a home, in a place, where you came from, one you’ll eternally belong. In paradise, insha’Allah. ❤

Lest You Forget

To those who can’t seem to understand, and those who love to do nothing but disagree, who chooses to put down those who care, let me tell you a little something.

Just so you know, lest you forget :

I am not worried about the souls of the children who freeze to death in Syria, or the souls of the children of  Rohingya who perish at sea, nor do I worry about the souls of the Palestinian children in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp who die of starvation.

For in the gardens of Paradise, they are free to roam.

My heart aches without a doubt, for their mothers who upon hearing the news, or looking at their little angels’ lifeless body, must wish to cease living themselves, out of unbearable grief.

Yet still, I worry not for their souls. For God does not place a burden on a soul, greater than they could possibly bear. In reward for their patience, their little ones are bound to await them in the hereafter, waiting to simply just grab onto them, refusing to let go, until He places them in paradise together.

No. The people I worry the most about, is you and me.

The ones who are blessed with recognized rights, overflowing full fridges, and homes to call our own, and yet we do so little to thank Him or aid those who are in need.

We, the ones who have forgotten that every time an innocent life is killed, and we choose to turn away, opting for the bliss of ignorance, uncaring and untouched…a part of our faith dies with them.

Simply being able to say ‘La ilaha illallah’ at the end of it all, with no substance to back it up, isn’t going to help us.

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe’, and will not be tested? And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make known, those who are true, and will certainly make known those who are liars.”

(Al-Qur’an 29:1-3)