The Selfishness of Giving


Author’s Note :This article was originally written for a class, in reference to the ‘Golden Rule’ : “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Hence, the repetition of it.” Be sure to let me know what you think! Cheers. 😊

With the worsening situations in Syria, and no solution to the conflict in Palestine, and continuous brutality against the Rohingya, they alongside thousands of others, are forced to flee their countries.

Saying that, Malaysia receives over thousands of refugees per year, hoping for a better life.

But sadly, these refugees are more often than not, left in disappointment. With Malaysia not recognizing their basic rights, many of these refugees are left crippled, with no means of ever finding sustenance for themselves.

These refugees, very much like you and I, had led the very same lives that we continue to live.

To them Malaysia was once upon a time a destination they chose to spend their holidays in, now – it’s home. Ultimately temporary, but it still remains to be a home.

Many of them had been forced to leave their loved ones, the homes they grew in, and the very land their ancestors came to be.

The thing about dunya, or this world, as I’ve come to learn, is that we’re not promised an eternity of comfort or happiness. In a blink of an eye, all that we have; could very well just change to become something that we had. Just as how the lives of these refugees had spun 360°, ours easily could too.

The reason why I’ve taken up to immerse myself into groups like Carefugees where we try our very best to assist refugees, is because I know, that if I were to ever end up in the position that these refugees are currently in, I too would wish that I would have someone willing to help and assist me and my family, even if it’s through the most basic of ways.

I too know, that in a condition where I would barely have enough to put a roof over my head, an education for my kids, and food to feed the rumbling tummies of my family, a food basket, a few extra Ringgit, though it may not be very much, but it would at the very least still be able to see me through. Even though for just a while.

Because at the end of the day, something, no matter how small, is still far better than having nothing at all.

Having had said that, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is a golden rule that I try my very best, to live by.

Because I believe in karma, I believe in His promise of always being Just and Fair.

And I believe, that when you have enough to spare, when you’re more blessed than those who are less fortunate, your duty on this earth, is to give back. To repay He, who has given you life, given you wealth, and given you health, by doing what you can, in assisting His creations. Your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity – no matter the race, no matter the religion, no matter the belief, no matter the circumstance.

It doesn’t just end there.

Doing unto others, as I would have them do unto me, gives me a purpose in life.

It reminds me, that even when I’m left feeling as though I have no reason to live, working in His path, convinces me otherwise. Because as I help others, in actuality, it is myself that I am helping.


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