Gaza – How you can help!

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If you’ve been following my page, or any other Palestinian-Related Facebook pages, you would probably have seen more deaths, more tears and blood, than you’ve ever expected to see in your whole entire life. Well, on screen at least. (Let’s remember that our sisters in brother in Gaza are facing through all of this, head on. They can’t simply turn the nightmare off by a click, or a button).

What’s happening in Gaza right now, is so horrendous – that no words would ever do the condition justice. If you, very much like myself, are feeling helpless, wishing to do something for these beautiful people, please know that you can.

And, as much as this would disappoint you to hear – No, it doesn’t include you going to Gaza. I’ll let you know why, at the of the post.

Let’s begin.

Here are 5 Steps, of what you can do.


Identify a reliable and trustworthy Organization – Donate and Raise funds.

There are a lot of Organizations out there that are, and have been collecting funds for the people in Gaza. One way you could help them, is of course – by donating. This, has proven to be very helpful, especially at this point, where medical supplies and food are very scarce, and money – is a problem.

If on a personal basis, you can’t afford to give. Worry not! There are other ways that you could do so.

If you’re still in school or living the College student life, get permission from your Schools/Universities to raise funds for Gaza. Hold events, have a small fundraising dinner/Iftar. And the likes.

And for the businessman and woman amongst us, you could even link up your products/lines with the organizations around. Give 5 – 10 or even 50% of your profit to aid the Palestinians!

*It’s very important to note, that the funds you raise or give, better be sent to and through the right channel. There are a lot of bad people and sketchy organizations out there. So beware, of who you choose to give or work with. Be certain and confident that a 110% of the donations, will be going straight to those in need.


BOYCOTT Israeli Products.

This, has to be one of the easiest – and yet the hardest thing, for us mere mortals to do.

What boycotting an Israeli product means, is that you stop purchasing and selling products/produce made in Israel or by Israeli companies that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, (as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions). Like those dates you’ve been purchasing in Ramadan, for example. They could very well have been from Israel!

How can you tell if you need to Boycott a certain product? The Buycott app, has made our lives easier, because it’ll tell you just that! Join the Long live Palestine boycott, once you’ve downloaded the app.

For apple users, get it on the iTunes store here:

Android users:

*It’s very important to note here, that before you go on a tangent, that “everything is practically Jewish made and owned”, this action of solidarity, isn’t religiously influenced, and nor is it a racist one. It isn’t the our Jewish brothers and sisters that we’re hoping to effect, it’s the funders and supporters of the Zionist state’s barbarity. If you hadn’t known, Yes, there’s a difference.

For a list and description of Products you ought to boycott, visit: Inminds UK


SHARE THE NEWS – Spread Awareness.

It doesn’t require you to spend any money, and barely any energy at all.

Social Media, is the best and also the easiest way to do it. All it takes is one click, one share, (from the right source of course) and you’ll never know just whose eyes you’ve managed to open. Even if it was only one person that you’ve successfully awakened from their state of ignorance, know – that, that is still one person more.


Call out to your Governments.

For those of you who are staying in the United States or even the EU in general, this is especially important for you. You, are of the nations who have the true power, and the true voice in this world. Stand up for the injustices that these people are facing, the injustice that YOU’RE facing. Yes, America. It’s you I’m talking to. Did you know that your government sends over 3 Billion Dollars in aid, to Israel? When I say aid, I mean military wise, of course. Which includes weapons and it’s likes, that Israel are using to massacre the people of Gaza. Yes, over 3 Billion, of the money you already don’t have. (If you can’t be bothered about people being killed in Palestine, at least be angry about your people not receiving the education and healthcare, that they deserve – from your tax money, no less!)

Send memorandums to your respective Governments. Call up your ministers. Tell them about how angry you are, and how inhumane it is, for your nation to stay silent.



The reason why this is step five, and not the first step, is because without doing either or all of that I’ve stated above, nothing will change. How do you expect God, no matter what religion you believe in, change the condition that you are in, until you’ve changed the condition of yourselves? (13:11) You have to make the effort, you have to try. We have no right to be blaming Him for not saving our brothers and sisters in Gaza, when we ourselves are doing nothing, to help them. Prayer isn’t a way out of helping them. It’s a way to make it happen.

In short, no matter how useless you may feel,

Know that, you truly aren’t.

You too have the power to make a difference.

If we were to all come together, and do either one, or even better – all five of these things, Palestine will be free, even before we’re done chanting “Israel is a Terrorist State”. Together we can build nations, or apart – we’ll be watching nations fall.

Let’s not just sit, and watch the numbers of casualties rise.

Let’s do something about it.

One step at a time.

*The number of casualties of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, or the Genocide, as I prefer to call it – has risen to a horrifyingly high amount of 425 people, 112 being children, 41 women, and 25 elderly; with over 3008 others injured, and thousands internally displaced and homeless. Let this figures motivate you, to start doing what you can.


Israel had killed these two angels last night amongst many others. Please, let us do all that we can from killing more.

P/s : As promised –

“Why can’t I go to Gaza? I want to!”
Well, my dear brothers and sisters.
The answer is very simple. Unless you are a doctor, or somehow qualified in the medical scene, or perhaps a journalist – a reporter, there will be no use of you being in Gaza at this point of time. The hard-hitting truth of reality, is that you wouldn’t even get passed the Rafah Border. Egypt is only allowing for internationals to get out of Gaza, and not in. I’d love nothing more than to be there to stand with – and protect my friends, but it simply isn’t possible. Palestinians themselves, have not been allowed to go back home. Visas wouldn’t be issued for them. What more for you and I? We need to remember that Gaza is not a place for tourists to be. There will be no sight-seeing, there’ll be no fun there. Joining the Qassam brigades, is not even in the equation. So don’t bother. And really, there’s no need for us to be adding to their burdens. Food and medical supplies are already running low. The doctors wouldn’t have time to be treating you for shock, in the hospitals. And believe me, you’ll be needing treatment for it.

But just because we can’t be there, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.

Let’s be realistic, and do what we can.


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