Never To Be Forgotten

Imagine, having your neighbourhood bombed.

Imagine, having to flee the homes you were brought up in.

Now, imagine – running away, and leaving everything and everyone behind.

Because when the bombs start to fall, all you can do is run.

Again, imagine having to pass and climb over dead bodies, to get to safety.

For no ambulance, no one, could come and clear them up.

No one, could come and save you.

There’s only a way out, but no way in.

And even at this point, they still continue to shoot at you.

But somehow, you manage to leave – alive.

Minutes go by, hours…there’s no way of you knowing if your families are doing alright.

Then suddenly, out of “mercy”, the ones who had bombed you out of your homes, agreed to a Humanitarian ceasefire.

You could now go home, even for just a while.

To look for the loved ones, that you got separated from.

And so you do.

You call out for them,

And again…you call out for them.

But the only thing that resounds? Is the sound of drones flying above you.

What you’ll see next, needs no imagination.

For it is exactly, what has happened.

When stories don’t begin with, “Once Upon A Time” – it usually doesn’t end with “Happily Ever After”, either.

He is not just a number, in the table of statistics – that will grow no other way, but higher.

He is not just another face, that will be forgotten – as time goes on longer.

For he is the Son of Palestine, a people of a land not to be forgotten.

He is Salem Shamaly, more than just a number, and far greater than just a face.

And he,

He will be remembered.

Just as we remember, all that Israel has massacred.

*Read Rina Andolini‘s first-hand recount of the killing of Salem Shamaly, on Mondoweiss:

And, read on how Shamaly’s family (the ones he had been looking for) had found out about his death, as per written by Jehan Alfarra:

In just 14 days, according to the MOH Spox latest update – Israel has killed over 620 Palestinians, and had injured over 3752 others, in it’s ongoing Offensive in Gaza. Names of the murdered, listed and updated by OccPal-GazaVersion can be found here :


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