HAMAS Rejects Ceasefire Extention




What if

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The only headline I’m seeing currently, is how HAMAS had disagreed to a continuation of the ceasefire.

And of course, the complaints that comes with it.

Let’s put it this way.

If you have been kept under siege for years,

  1. Where even the most basic of necessities isn’t easy to obtain.
  2. Where your child, your mother, your husband – has been killed, because some group of brilliant people have decided that they were terrorists, when they obviously were not.
  3. Where you can’t get yourself a job, even if and when you’ve got yourself a degree, masters or even a PHD – because in an area of where it’s only a few miles bigger than Detroit, with a population of 1.8 million, there is only so much jobs, that’s available.
  4. Where you can’t go in and out of the country as you will – Even if it’s just to seek for treatment, or to visit your family.
  5. Where death seems inevitable when you’re sick, because the hospitals inside the Strip usually don’t may not have enough of what you need.
  6. Where clean water, is as scarce as the remnants of Humanity.
  7. Where your homes, which you built with your bare hands, are destroyed every other year or so.
  8. Where you fear to send your kids to school, because you’ll never know if he’ll ever come back, or if you’ll be there – to welcome him home.
  9. Where your children are named after their aunts or uncles, who’ve died in the hands of Israel months or years before.
  10. Where you are forced to rebuilt your entire area, every time Israel strikes up a genocide, and the world ignores.
  11. Where you are forced to live in schools, and in shelters, because all that’s left of your homes, is a memory of what it was.
  12. Where you lose thousand, upon thousand, upon thousand of lives of your people, every time a war erupts.
  13. Where your 8 year old child, has witnessed THREE massacres, destructions of and in your homes, in their lifetime.
  14. Where there are days when you don’t even know whether you’re already dead, or still alive.

In this massacre alone, the Palestinians in Gaza have lost almost 2,000 lives.

If you were in their position, would you really want to just give all the pain, the blood and the sacrifices up, for a life once again uncertain?

Where you’d be forced back into the same routine, and made to go through the same thing, every other year or so?

Is that the life that you want?

Is that the sort of future that you’d seek for your kids?

Because if it is, feel free to live in Gaza. And allow for them to live your free liberated lives, instead!

There is no in, and there is no out of Gaza.

And it’s past due time that, that changes.

If we could be proud of the ending of the Apartheid in South Africa that they were forced into, why can’t we be willing/hopeful, in making sure that the same thing happens for the Palestinians in Gaza? Apartheid South Africa was a time most of us weren’t around to make a difference, or assist.

But this, this is happening right before our eyes. Where the power to change it, lies in our hands.

So rather than you waste your time blaming those who resist Occupation by throwing stones, and sending over free fireworks into Israel, help them achieve the only thing they want, and that is – Peace, and Freedom.


Well, here’s proof. This is all that they’re asking :

  1. Mutual cessation of the war and withdrawal of tanks to previous locations and the return of farmers to work their land in the agricultural border areas.
  2. Release of all the Palestinians detained since 23 June 2014 and improvement of the conditions of Palestinian prisoners, especially the prisoners from Jerusalem, Gaza and Palestinians of the interior [present-day Israel].
  3. Total lifting of the siege of Gaza and opening the border crossings to goods and people and allowing in all food and industrial supplies and construction of a power plant sufficient to supply all of Gaza.
  4. Construction of an international seaport and an international airport supervised by the UN and non-biased countries.
  5. Expansion of the maritime fishing zone to 10 kms and supplying fishermen with larger fishing and cargo vessels.
  6. Converting the Rafah crossing into an international crossing under supervision of the UN and Arab and friendly countries.
  7. Signing a 10-year truce agreement and deployment of international monitors to the borders.
  8. A commitment by the occupation government not to violate Palestinian airspace and easing of conditions for worshipers in al-Aqsa mosque.
  9. The occupation will not interfere in the affairs of the Palestinian government and will not hinder national reconciliation.
  10. Restoration of the border industrial areas and their protection and development.

Is that so wrong? And as Dr. Mads Gilbert (Norway) said : “If no siege, no tunnels! If no occupation, no rockets!”

*If you have questions or doubts about whether or not HAMAS is a terroristic regime, please refer to statements 1 – 14. If that’s the life you were living, you’d be opting to do far more than what they are doing. So do us all a favor, and shut the —- up.

**If HAMAS is forced to disarm, then Israel should be told to do the same. For  there’ll be no true reason for Israel to be a nation of WMDs, anymore – no?


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