Why I As A Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley’s Death


May this wonderful man, rest in peace.

I had been writing my thoughts on ISIS and had planned to have it posted, but the moment I heard about what happened to James Foley, I had decided that it isn’t that good of an idea, because no one would be bothered to listen to what I’ve got to say.

So instead, I’m writing this.

What’s happened to him, is beyond bounds of human comprehension. The man who had done what he did to him, is without a doubt, inhuman – and of course, inhumane.

It was barbaric, and it was terroristic.

There’s definitely no argument there.

But back to my title, the reason as to why I will not “apologize” for this horrific murder, is simply because I, as a Muslim, have nothing to apologize for.

This group who claims to be speaking for all Muslims, truly isn’t. They don’t speak for me. And I have given them no right to represent me, I have given no approval, in the actions of what they’re doing. None of what they do, is complacent to the rules of Islam, none of what they do, signifies Islam in any way.


Any Tom, Dick and Harry could grow a beard, speak arabic, and claim he was the caliph.
But only an idiot, would buy what he’s selling!

And apparently, the world is flooded with those who believe.

As much as I do not go around claiming that the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK to be a representative of Christianity, in fact – I don’t see them as Christians at all, for what they do. I expect for you, to grant me the very same courtesy, and see right from wrong, and realize that they too, do not represent me, or all of Islam, for that matter.

If you were to just look a little more closely, you would see, that the Boko Haram, the Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden (included), and whatever BS movement the media is publicizing, is cut entirely from the very same cloth. And unlike the majority of cloths that are now currently made in China, take a look at the fine print, and you’re bound to see Made In USA proudly stamped on it. I do not expect you to believe this, for I too had not previously. But do humankind a favor, and just open your eyes a little bit, if not a lot. What’s happening does not make sense. No one with such a brilliant mind (I mean bloody hell, how is the US or Israel not capable of catching these morons? They found Hussein in a hole, how could they possibly not find and kill off the monsters who march down the streets with no absolute fear?), would allow a journalist to tag along in their terroristic duties, and show them what horrors their inflicting on people, while killing another journalist, at the very same time. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

To the Foley family, I send you my warmest and greatest of sympathies, for what had happened to your evidently wonderful son. I am sorry that he had left this world through such a vicious way, I wish that He would take away all the pain and sorrow that you all must be feeling. I pray that those who had done this to him, will be brought to justice very soon, and I too hope that you would understand that those monsters are not a representative, of any of us. I wish for their destruction, as much as you do – and perhaps; even more. May peace be with you, and may His blessings be showered upon you, and may He ease your suffering through this horrific time.

Your sister in Humanity.


18 thoughts on “Why I As A Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley’s Death”

  1. I am not a Muslim, but a Christian within the United States. Although we have our differences of faith, I do appreciate your warm words regarding the difference between Muslims and radicals and Christians and radicals who simply throw on a religious title. Thank you.


  2. Thank you for 2 things.
    1) Drawing the distinction (again) so we have ANOTHER chance to internalize it.
    2)Catching us in an expectation fortunately NOT fulfilled.

    This is a challenging post.


  3. Just wondering: does Hamas, who espouses Nazi-style Jew-Hatred, genocidal intents towards Israeli Jews, and are responsible for some of the most depraved attacks on civilians, raises your ire as much as ISIS thugs? Or is your anger selectively reserved only for those who can’t claim any ‘justification’ for their atrocities?

    Also, as a Muslim, doesn’t it at the least worry you that your co-religionists are responsible for most of the atrocities committed in the last couple of decades, the majority being perpetrated under the banner Islam/Jihad? Do you feel that at least some soul searching might after all be called for? Or is anyone who gives Islam a bad name or you happen to disagree with, automatically gets relegated into the “non-Muslim” category?


    1. This biggest atrocity of modern time is being carried out right now in Gaza on the palestinians by Israel, are you mad?


    2. Perhaps you should answer the question, does the genocidal actions of the Israeli State and the holocaust being waged by them on the Palestinian innocents, raise your ire? Or are you just another jack booted troll spreading your racist Islamophobic vitriol?


      1. If you as an Muslim can’t or won’t apologise for the death of a person and are instead trying to justify it, why blame Israel who does the same to Palestine ?
        You can’t have it both ways
        Either you support gaza or you support isli
        After all isli is doing to Christians and other minorities exactly what Israel is doing to Palestine


    3. Concerned Citizen of the World, as with many religions, Islam advocates non-violence. Any group or individual who choose to violently persecute others for any reason, including their religious beliefs, have wildly misunderstood the doctrine they claim to represent. This goes for ISIS, Hamas, Anti Bakala, the LRA, or any other cult that justifies their actions via their “religion”. Christians are not represented by the atrocities being carried “under their banner”, and neither are Muslims.


  4. A suggestion. The next time some group of Muslim terrorists commit an atrocity in the name of Islam, throw a “Day of Rage”.

    Tell the rest of the civilized world that you are as outraged over their bastardization of your religion as you are when someone prints a cartoon making fun of Muhammed. That it outrages you as much as a stupid ridiculous youtube video.

    And then you need to become consistent. Do not pretend that terrorists like Arafat who or Hamas or the PFLP are noble warriors. Damn Hamas for their Charter that calls for Genocide of the Jews in the Name of Allah and Mohammed. etc etc etc.

    The US nor Israel can be everywhere all the time. It is not their responsibility to clean up the entirety of the mess that is the result of the Arab Spring.

    It is up to the Muslims and the Arabs like yourself to clean house.

    Blaming the mess on others, rather than accepting a degree of responsibility for cleaning it up is noted as part of the problem.

    Your letter to the Foley’s was truly lovely.



  5. Well expressed and elegantly laid out. I wish there were leaders of Islamic institutions who could articulate these precepts as well as you do and with the same force of character. If this is happening, I’m not sure I’m hearing them…


  6. Really
    I find it very convinient that Muslims around the world disassociate themselves with barbaric acts taken in the name if their religion.
    If all such acts are unislamic then why does Islam not raise an outcry against such acts.
    We see not one world leader in the Islamic world raising an outcry.

    You band with your religion first and country where you live second.
    Are any Muslims really American or British or Germany or French ?
    No they identify with their religion first and country second and thus become a traitor to the very country that brought them up, and then blame the country for not integrating them into the mainstream when clearly they don’t want to blend into the mainstream
    It’s a give and take situation my dear you have to bend a bit as well,

    It is hypocrisy to say ‘oh I won’t apologise for the death of James foley and then demand the apology from Israel for Palestine’. Clean up your religion and get rid of the fanatism.
    Percentage wise there are more terrorist and fanatics in Islam than any other religion.
    Make sure your children aren’t influenced by such preachers and hatemongers.
    Clean up your act and just maybe you won’t have to apologise for your religion anymore. As of right now the peaceful majority of Islam doesn’t matter as long as the fanatical minority keeps on carrying the barbaric acts .


    1. Cry me a river. I think you’ll find that you are the hypocrite Shubhra. But you wouldn’t understand that as you are a self-righteous idiot.
      Sleep well troll.


      1. Really so you what is happening in Iran and Syria is totally fine ??
        Ok so keep killing people from other religion as long as they aren’t Muslims ??
        I think you are so blind
        But hey maybe one day you will get a humanitrarian of the year award from the new Muslim caliphate


      2. “Shubhra says:
        August 27, 2014 at 4:31 pm

        Really so you what is happening in Iran and Syria is totally fine ??
        Ok so keep killing people from other religion as long as they aren’t Muslims ??
        I think you are so blind
        But hey maybe one day you will get a humanitrarian of the year award from the new Muslim caliphate”

        You are an idiot Shubhra.
        Keep on going to town on muslims, cause that’s what you like doing.


  7. “..Take a look at the fine print, and you’re bound to see Made In USA proudly stamped on it. ”

    I hate making generalizations, but more often than not the new-age Muslim zealots love to blame others except themselves, especially if the ‘other’ is the US or Israel.

    I don’t see them blaming Turkey for restricting the flow of the Euphrates river to Syria and Iraq. I don’t see them blaming Malaysia, Indonesia for allowing their women to go to Islamic State to serve their fighters with sexual favours. I don’t see them condemn or apologize for the misuse of Saudi/Qatar oil money to fund the killing of innocent westerners.

    This is so sad. And I apologize for all this.


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