The Malaysian Nightmare

This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels. (i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)
This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels.
(i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)

*I’ve been holding off writing about this, for a while now. Contemplating as to whether or not I should, but alas. I’m not one with the greatest self-control or will power, so here you are, reading this.

One country.
Three planes.
In a span of one year, 12 months, 365 days, 8675 hours,
Have managed to go missing, shot down, and God only knows what else.
A country, whose flying track record has been just about as spotless, as it could possibly get….until this year came around.

It leaves me completely baffled as to how so many things could go wrong, in such a short span of time.

Shockingly (or rather unshockingly), it gets even more baffling. For there has been absolutely no concrete information on the; whereabouts, the reason why, and the condition, of these planes.

Planes don’t simply just vanish into thin air.
No matter how probable that may suddenly seem.

9 months.
For 9 months, families of the MH370 passengers and crew members have been left not knowing.
Hoping, wishing, that it was, and still is possible for their loved ones to still be living.

Had at the very least been given the closure.
No matter the fact that nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, added up.
All we know, is that it’s over.
With justice, that couldn’t possibly be any further.

And at the bottom of the sea,
In shallow waters,
Is where they suspect QZ5801,
To be.
With no signal, and absolutely no sign.
How could that be?

One plane, had been a shocking fright.
Two planes, had been an absolute tragedy.
Three? Now, if that isn’t a massacre, I wouldn’t know what it would be.

699 people.

699 lives,


Just…like that.

Does it all simply boil down to pure incompetence, a streak of bad luck, or a mere coincidence?


But, perhaps not.

*May the loved ones of those on board all three flights be blessed with ease, patience and immense strength.

May peace come to the fallen, may the light of truth shine through, and may justice be prevailed. Our hearts continue to bleed, while our hands stay linked together in prayer and hope.

Stay strong, Malaysia.

Stay strong.


I Can’t Breathe

can't breathe

Bare your arms and protect,

That was the job requirement.

We understand, and we respect.

But the moment your arms,
Turn to ropes,
To choke
The moment your guns,
Turn suspects to victims,
In a blink of an eye,
Like some sick joke

I can’t breathe.

Oh and how you wear the blue with pride,
Don’t you know that’s how he looked,
When he died?

One shot,
Two shots,

The first could’ve kept him alive.

Before the screamed whisper of
“Can’t breathe”,
Turned from one to three,
Don’t you know that he’d still be here,
Only if you had just set him free?

You could’ve kept him alive.

But, no.

His life just wasn’t worth, to keep alive.

And I,

I can’t breathe.