I Can’t Breathe

can't breathe

Bare your arms and protect,

That was the job requirement.

We understand, and we respect.

But the moment your arms,
Turn to ropes,
To choke
The moment your guns,
Turn suspects to victims,
In a blink of an eye,
Like some sick joke

I can’t breathe.

Oh and how you wear the blue with pride,
Don’t you know that’s how he looked,
When he died?

One shot,
Two shots,

The first could’ve kept him alive.

Before the screamed whisper of
“Can’t breathe”,
Turned from one to three,
Don’t you know that he’d still be here,
Only if you had just set him free?

You could’ve kept him alive.

But, no.

His life just wasn’t worth, to keep alive.

And I,

I can’t breathe.


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