HAMAS Rejects Ceasefire Extention




What if

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The only headline I’m seeing currently, is how HAMAS had disagreed to a continuation of the ceasefire.

And of course, the complaints that comes with it.

Let’s put it this way.

If you have been kept under siege for years,

  1. Where even the most basic of necessities isn’t easy to obtain.
  2. Where your child, your mother, your husband – has been killed, because some group of brilliant people have decided that they were terrorists, when they obviously were not.
  3. Where you can’t get yourself a job, even if and when you’ve got yourself a degree, masters or even a PHD – because in an area of where it’s only a few miles bigger than Detroit, with a population of 1.8 million, there is only so much jobs, that’s available.
  4. Where you can’t go in and out of the country as you will – Even if it’s just to seek for treatment, or to visit your family.
  5. Where death seems inevitable when you’re sick, because the hospitals inside the Strip usually don’t may not have enough of what you need.
  6. Where clean water, is as scarce as the remnants of Humanity.
  7. Where your homes, which you built with your bare hands, are destroyed every other year or so.
  8. Where you fear to send your kids to school, because you’ll never know if he’ll ever come back, or if you’ll be there – to welcome him home.
  9. Where your children are named after their aunts or uncles, who’ve died in the hands of Israel months or years before.
  10. Where you are forced to rebuilt your entire area, every time Israel strikes up a genocide, and the world ignores.
  11. Where you are forced to live in schools, and in shelters, because all that’s left of your homes, is a memory of what it was.
  12. Where you lose thousand, upon thousand, upon thousand of lives of your people, every time a war erupts.
  13. Where your 8 year old child, has witnessed THREE massacres, destructions of and in your homes, in their lifetime.
  14. Where there are days when you don’t even know whether you’re already dead, or still alive.

In this massacre alone, the Palestinians in Gaza have lost almost 2,000 lives.

If you were in their position, would you really want to just give all the pain, the blood and the sacrifices up, for a life once again uncertain?

Where you’d be forced back into the same routine, and made to go through the same thing, every other year or so?

Is that the life that you want?

Is that the sort of future that you’d seek for your kids?

Because if it is, feel free to live in Gaza. And allow for them to live your free liberated lives, instead!

There is no in, and there is no out of Gaza.

And it’s past due time that, that changes.

If we could be proud of the ending of the Apartheid in South Africa that they were forced into, why can’t we be willing/hopeful, in making sure that the same thing happens for the Palestinians in Gaza? Apartheid South Africa was a time most of us weren’t around to make a difference, or assist.

But this, this is happening right before our eyes. Where the power to change it, lies in our hands.

So rather than you waste your time blaming those who resist Occupation by throwing stones, and sending over free fireworks into Israel, help them achieve the only thing they want, and that is – Peace, and Freedom.


Well, here’s proof. This is all that they’re asking :

  1. Mutual cessation of the war and withdrawal of tanks to previous locations and the return of farmers to work their land in the agricultural border areas.
  2. Release of all the Palestinians detained since 23 June 2014 and improvement of the conditions of Palestinian prisoners, especially the prisoners from Jerusalem, Gaza and Palestinians of the interior [present-day Israel].
  3. Total lifting of the siege of Gaza and opening the border crossings to goods and people and allowing in all food and industrial supplies and construction of a power plant sufficient to supply all of Gaza.
  4. Construction of an international seaport and an international airport supervised by the UN and non-biased countries.
  5. Expansion of the maritime fishing zone to 10 kms and supplying fishermen with larger fishing and cargo vessels.
  6. Converting the Rafah crossing into an international crossing under supervision of the UN and Arab and friendly countries.
  7. Signing a 10-year truce agreement and deployment of international monitors to the borders.
  8. A commitment by the occupation government not to violate Palestinian airspace and easing of conditions for worshipers in al-Aqsa mosque.
  9. The occupation will not interfere in the affairs of the Palestinian government and will not hinder national reconciliation.
  10. Restoration of the border industrial areas and their protection and development.

Is that so wrong? And as Dr. Mads Gilbert (Norway) said : “If no siege, no tunnels! If no occupation, no rockets!”

*If you have questions or doubts about whether or not HAMAS is a terroristic regime, please refer to statements 1 – 14. If that’s the life you were living, you’d be opting to do far more than what they are doing. So do us all a favor, and shut the —- up.

**If HAMAS is forced to disarm, then Israel should be told to do the same. For  there’ll be no true reason for Israel to be a nation of WMDs, anymore – no?


Never To Be Forgotten

Imagine, having your neighbourhood bombed.

Imagine, having to flee the homes you were brought up in.

Now, imagine – running away, and leaving everything and everyone behind.

Because when the bombs start to fall, all you can do is run.

Again, imagine having to pass and climb over dead bodies, to get to safety.

For no ambulance, no one, could come and clear them up.

No one, could come and save you.

There’s only a way out, but no way in.

And even at this point, they still continue to shoot at you.

But somehow, you manage to leave – alive.

Minutes go by, hours…there’s no way of you knowing if your families are doing alright.

Then suddenly, out of “mercy”, the ones who had bombed you out of your homes, agreed to a Humanitarian ceasefire.

You could now go home, even for just a while.

To look for the loved ones, that you got separated from.

And so you do.

You call out for them,

And again…you call out for them.

But the only thing that resounds? Is the sound of drones flying above you.

What you’ll see next, needs no imagination.

For it is exactly, what has happened.

When stories don’t begin with, “Once Upon A Time” – it usually doesn’t end with “Happily Ever After”, either.

He is not just a number, in the table of statistics – that will grow no other way, but higher.

He is not just another face, that will be forgotten – as time goes on longer.

For he is the Son of Palestine, a people of a land not to be forgotten.

He is Salem Shamaly, more than just a number, and far greater than just a face.

And he,

He will be remembered.

Just as we remember, all that Israel has massacred.

*Read Rina Andolini‘s first-hand recount of the killing of Salem Shamaly, on Mondoweiss: http://mondoweiss.net/2014/07/beautiful-brother-looking.html

And, read on how Shamaly’s family (the ones he had been looking for) had found out about his death, as per written by Jehan Alfarra: http://palinoia.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/when-you-find-your-missing-son-being-shot-on-camera/

In just 14 days, according to the MOH Spox latest update – Israel has killed over 620 Palestinians, and had injured over 3752 others, in it’s ongoing Offensive in Gaza. Names of the murdered, listed and updated by OccPal-GazaVersion can be found here : http://occpalgaza.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/22-july-updated-list-of-620-murdered-in-israeli-attacks-on-gaza/

Gaza – How you can help!

Only humanity


If you’ve been following my page, or any other Palestinian-Related Facebook pages, you would probably have seen more deaths, more tears and blood, than you’ve ever expected to see in your whole entire life. Well, on screen at least. (Let’s remember that our sisters in brother in Gaza are facing through all of this, head on. They can’t simply turn the nightmare off by a click, or a button).

What’s happening in Gaza right now, is so horrendous – that no words would ever do the condition justice. If you, very much like myself, are feeling helpless, wishing to do something for these beautiful people, please know that you can.

And, as much as this would disappoint you to hear – No, it doesn’t include you going to Gaza. I’ll let you know why, at the of the post.

Let’s begin.

Here are 5 Steps, of what you can do.


Identify a reliable and trustworthy Organization – Donate and Raise funds.

There are a lot of Organizations out there that are, and have been collecting funds for the people in Gaza. One way you could help them, is of course – by donating. This, has proven to be very helpful, especially at this point, where medical supplies and food are very scarce, and money – is a problem.

If on a personal basis, you can’t afford to give. Worry not! There are other ways that you could do so.

If you’re still in school or living the College student life, get permission from your Schools/Universities to raise funds for Gaza. Hold events, have a small fundraising dinner/Iftar. And the likes.

And for the businessman and woman amongst us, you could even link up your products/lines with the organizations around. Give 5 – 10 or even 50% of your profit to aid the Palestinians!

*It’s very important to note, that the funds you raise or give, better be sent to and through the right channel. There are a lot of bad people and sketchy organizations out there. So beware, of who you choose to give or work with. Be certain and confident that a 110% of the donations, will be going straight to those in need.


BOYCOTT Israeli Products.

This, has to be one of the easiest – and yet the hardest thing, for us mere mortals to do.

What boycotting an Israeli product means, is that you stop purchasing and selling products/produce made in Israel or by Israeli companies that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, (as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions). Like those dates you’ve been purchasing in Ramadan, for example. They could very well have been from Israel!

How can you tell if you need to Boycott a certain product? The Buycott app, has made our lives easier, because it’ll tell you just that! Join the Long live Palestine boycott, once you’ve downloaded the app.

For apple users, get it on the iTunes store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/buycott-barcode-scanner-grocery/id585933440?mt=8

Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buycott.android&hl=en

*It’s very important to note here, that before you go on a tangent, that “everything is practically Jewish made and owned”, this action of solidarity, isn’t religiously influenced, and nor is it a racist one. It isn’t the our Jewish brothers and sisters that we’re hoping to effect, it’s the funders and supporters of the Zionist state’s barbarity. If you hadn’t known, Yes, there’s a difference.

For a list and description of Products you ought to boycott, visit: Inminds UK


SHARE THE NEWS – Spread Awareness.

It doesn’t require you to spend any money, and barely any energy at all.

Social Media, is the best and also the easiest way to do it. All it takes is one click, one share, (from the right source of course) and you’ll never know just whose eyes you’ve managed to open. Even if it was only one person that you’ve successfully awakened from their state of ignorance, know – that, that is still one person more.


Call out to your Governments.

For those of you who are staying in the United States or even the EU in general, this is especially important for you. You, are of the nations who have the true power, and the true voice in this world. Stand up for the injustices that these people are facing, the injustice that YOU’RE facing. Yes, America. It’s you I’m talking to. Did you know that your government sends over 3 Billion Dollars in aid, to Israel? When I say aid, I mean military wise, of course. Which includes weapons and it’s likes, that Israel are using to massacre the people of Gaza. Yes, over 3 Billion, of the money you already don’t have. (If you can’t be bothered about people being killed in Palestine, at least be angry about your people not receiving the education and healthcare, that they deserve – from your tax money, no less!)

Send memorandums to your respective Governments. Call up your ministers. Tell them about how angry you are, and how inhumane it is, for your nation to stay silent.



The reason why this is step five, and not the first step, is because without doing either or all of that I’ve stated above, nothing will change. How do you expect God, no matter what religion you believe in, change the condition that you are in, until you’ve changed the condition of yourselves? (13:11) You have to make the effort, you have to try. We have no right to be blaming Him for not saving our brothers and sisters in Gaza, when we ourselves are doing nothing, to help them. Prayer isn’t a way out of helping them. It’s a way to make it happen.

In short, no matter how useless you may feel,

Know that, you truly aren’t.

You too have the power to make a difference.

If we were to all come together, and do either one, or even better – all five of these things, Palestine will be free, even before we’re done chanting “Israel is a Terrorist State”. Together we can build nations, or apart – we’ll be watching nations fall.

Let’s not just sit, and watch the numbers of casualties rise.

Let’s do something about it.

One step at a time.

*The number of casualties of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, or the Genocide, as I prefer to call it – has risen to a horrifyingly high amount of 425 people, 112 being children, 41 women, and 25 elderly; with over 3008 others injured, and thousands internally displaced and homeless. Let this figures motivate you, to start doing what you can.


Israel had killed these two angels last night amongst many others. Please, let us do all that we can from killing more.

P/s : As promised –

“Why can’t I go to Gaza? I want to!”
Well, my dear brothers and sisters.
The answer is very simple. Unless you are a doctor, or somehow qualified in the medical scene, or perhaps a journalist – a reporter, there will be no use of you being in Gaza at this point of time. The hard-hitting truth of reality, is that you wouldn’t even get passed the Rafah Border. Egypt is only allowing for internationals to get out of Gaza, and not in. I’d love nothing more than to be there to stand with – and protect my friends, but it simply isn’t possible. Palestinians themselves, have not been allowed to go back home. Visas wouldn’t be issued for them. What more for you and I? We need to remember that Gaza is not a place for tourists to be. There will be no sight-seeing, there’ll be no fun there. Joining the Qassam brigades, is not even in the equation. So don’t bother. And really, there’s no need for us to be adding to their burdens. Food and medical supplies are already running low. The doctors wouldn’t have time to be treating you for shock, in the hospitals. And believe me, you’ll be needing treatment for it.

But just because we can’t be there, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.

Let’s be realistic, and do what we can.

Happy New Year? Happy–no more.

As fireworks go boom, on days of celebration,

nothing hits me harder than the realization,

of how,

To others elsewhere,

That blast is a sign of warning.


symbol, for the beginning of mourning.

An exclamation, that a life, or lives, are no longer living.


Oh, what goodness could this New Year possibly bring?

Smells of burning flesh, fill the air.

Somebody’s brother just got crashed, without care.


As the fire gets lit, another house just got hit.

 When can we get over with it?

Instead of squeals of joy, and belly-aches from laughter.

A mother screams, over the remains of her daughter.

Windows tremble, and wives crumble.


For like cake, someone’s husband just got baked.

Clouds cry, and phosphorus falls.


Acid flies , filling the halls.

There goes,

A hand,


Half a brain, gone with the wind.

Another blast, another corner.

5 shots down, they don’t know who’s now become a goner.

bang, after a spark.

They come out at dark.

While we stare in awe and wonder,

“How beautiful is that flower?”

They stand in fear, in front of a soldier.


“Will I live another day? I wonder.”

When will they stop?

When will this end?

Because every timea blast resounds.

It’s Her eyes,

that I see.

Her fears,

that I feel.

Her screams,

that I hear.

All in the works of revenge,

by a man who craves for nothing, but land.

A soul,

With dreams that will never be.

A ghost,

That will never be free.

A girl,

Forever stuck at three.


Goodnight, little angel. Sleep tight, little one. 

I’d say don’t worry, for Justice is near.

But it’d be a lie, that much is clear.

Because your life, and those gone with you,

mean nothing to the world.

For they give you no thought.

None at all. 

Alas, that is the reality, of a life, of one who’s given no identity.

It is what it is,

For you will only be, nothing but a girl of,


Where the worth of your life, is disregarded.

Because, fame and money,

is the only thing, that is guarded.

*All rights to pictures belong to it’s rightful owners.

Pictured events are of various times, each with stories of it’s own.

Dear Scarlett Johansson – A Letter To A Woman I Once Admired


Dear Scarlett Johansson,

Do you know what it’s like, to wake up every day, and not know what it’s like to be home?


Do you know how it feels, to walk on a path, discriminated, because of the color you are, and the family you were born into?


Do you know just how hard it is, to get to where you need to, be it for work, for school, when you’re stopped at every corner?


Do you know how painful it is, to be banned from going for mass, or being too young to pray in a mosque, when things are meant to be easy, on a land so holy?


Do you know what it’s like, to fight for your rights, but end up being signed of as nothing but terrorists?


Do you know how it feels, to be short on produces, because some idiot feels threatened by olive trees?


Do you know just how hard it is, to sit on the rubbles of what was once your home, a home that you destroyed with your own hands, because it was cheaper that way?


Do you know how painful it is, to be so close but yet so far from your loved ones, simply because of the existence of a barrier, greater than the Berlin Wall?


This letter, could go on, far longer, than it already is. But there’s no need for that, is there? (But bear with me)

Because you will never know what it’s like, to stay miles away, because people say, “This land is no longer yours. Go away.”, will you?

You will not know just how it feels, to live through everyday, being treated as though you’re no better than the scum beneath the sole of your shoes.

You won’t care about how hard it is, to get to where you need to, because the money pours in, and the ease comes through.

and you will never, ever, ever know, just how painful it is, to watch the land, the place where Jesus was born, and Islam had lived, be buried upon decades of lies, in ruins, threatened to be slayed.


Because to you, it is far better to support a company, that thrives on the sufferings of others, right?

It doesn’t matter how fairly the Palestinian workers are being treated, though they swear otherwise, because the factory it’s based upon, lies on a land, that once belonged to them, and those before them. People had lost their homes, in order for the factory to be built. And somehow you’re proud to stand by it? Amazing.

You say, that you are a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction, between Israel and Palestine. Do you even understand what that means? Do you realize that the only economic cooperation, both countries have with the other, is one monopolizing everything, and the other simply slaving? Do you know that the only social interaction that exists, in the context that you speak, is that one is spewing about the rights they apparently deserve, while they trample on the rights of the other?

A Democratic Israel and Palestine? With all due respect, what sort of rock have you been living under? As firstly an ambassador of Oxfam, how are you so unaware of the true situation between the two countries? Unless your understanding of democracy has changed to become exactly as how the twisted war-mongering nations see it, you ought to realize that there’s nothing democratic about it, at all.

How can SodaStream possibly be a company that is committed to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, when even it’s mere existence, go against every possible definition of peace itself?

You’re a brilliant actress, an amazing woman, if your work with Oxfam is anything to go by, but this, this support you have for a company that is produced through the blood of Palestinians, is simply absolutely disgusting. Don’t allow for dollar signs, that I’m sure you already see enough, and lies that are unworthy of woman so great, sway you to become a person you have never been. We had no way of stopping the first Holocaust, but it isn’t too late, to change the course of this one. You hold more power that you could ever believe.

I still have faith in you.


Don’t continue with this incorrigible mistake.


Your No-Longer-A-Fan-In-The-Making.

*Note: Right of images belong to it’s rightful owners. For clearer copies of said images, do drop a private message, or simply comment below.

12 Years a Slave

After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.
After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.

With already a dark cloud looming over me, watching 12 Years a Slave tonight, most certainly hadn’t been the wisest of choices. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a movie so hard-hitting, date-failing, makes-you-want-to-sob-like-the-little-girl-you-are-inside, in so very long. In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a movie much like that, before.

The history of the past, has always been synonymous with slavery. But the depth of it, and the severity of it, has sadly never been something I bothered about, or put my mind into. Until today, until tonight – until this movie.

The best part of it all? It’s a true story.

The story of Solomon Northup, the things that he was forced to face, the circumstance he was placed in, the fight for survival, the struggle to live…will do nothing, but shake you to the core. At one point when he says, “But I don’t want to survive. I want to LIVE.” All I wanted to do, was crumple up in a corner, and cry.

Because though at the end of it all, this man had finally found his freedom, though justice wasn’t given, there are still thousands out there, who are living through the same life, this man was forced to lived. In this time, in this age, slavery is still something that exists. Perhaps no longer in those terms, but fact still remains. A slave is what they’re treated as. That hadn’t been all. Watching through the sufferings they went through, simply reminded me of the condition Palestine and the Palestinians are in. It may not represent things in the literal way, but it had brilliantly symbolized the Palestinian plight. In other words, you could just imagine how much tissues I had to go through! It had gotten so bad, I had black smudged lines all over!

If you haven’t watched it, then please do. Because really, you need to. 

Note : Ladies, wear waterproof products ONLY, if you choose to watch this. And unless you’re ready to have your boyfriend, husband, etc. watch you cry, don’t take them with you.

If anyone knows of anyone in the cause of Human Trafficking, please do have us connected. I’ve been ignorant on this issue for far too long. It’s time for that to change.

P/S : If it hadn’t been for Brad Pitt in the movie, I would’ve probably smacked the first ‘White’ man I saw. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Lest You Forget

To those who can’t seem to understand, and those who love to do nothing but disagree, who chooses to put down those who care, let me tell you a little something.

Just so you know, lest you forget :

I am not worried about the souls of the children who freeze to death in Syria, or the souls of the children of  Rohingya who perish at sea, nor do I worry about the souls of the Palestinian children in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp who die of starvation.

For in the gardens of Paradise, they are free to roam.

My heart aches without a doubt, for their mothers who upon hearing the news, or looking at their little angels’ lifeless body, must wish to cease living themselves, out of unbearable grief.

Yet still, I worry not for their souls. For God does not place a burden on a soul, greater than they could possibly bear. In reward for their patience, their little ones are bound to await them in the hereafter, waiting to simply just grab onto them, refusing to let go, until He places them in paradise together.

No. The people I worry the most about, is you and me.

The ones who are blessed with recognized rights, overflowing full fridges, and homes to call our own, and yet we do so little to thank Him or aid those who are in need.

We, the ones who have forgotten that every time an innocent life is killed, and we choose to turn away, opting for the bliss of ignorance, uncaring and untouched…a part of our faith dies with them.

Simply being able to say ‘La ilaha illallah’ at the end of it all, with no substance to back it up, isn’t going to help us.

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe’, and will not be tested? And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make known, those who are true, and will certainly make known those who are liars.”

(Al-Qur’an 29:1-3)


Fighting Over A Losing Battle


As a Palestinian activist myself (or at least as far as I’ve tried and come to be), I simply have to say that I’ve felt as though my efforts on supporting the plight have become useless, after hearing the amount of hate that has been hurled at Harry Fear. Is what I’m doing wrong? Should I stop? It’s not that I ask for recognition, nor am I expecting to be appreciated, but shouldn’t all our efforts, at the very least be respected?

The amount of things that has been said in connections to Fear, has been nothing short but painful to read. How can you speak about him in such a manner, when you don’t know him personally? It isn’t quite fair to me, it seems.

Yes, he has blocked people off of his facebook pages, twitter and so forth, but is that not a choice? Does he not have the right to do as he pleases on his own accord? To deal with the negativity as he wishes? There’s a difference between asking a question, and hurling accusations, at a person.

On the talks of money, I’d like to make it very clear, on his recent World Talking Tour, he had not asked for a single cent. All the organizers had to do, was to have his flights and accommodation prepared for him. His trip to Malaysia had not been a ‘holiday’ as some people had said. His schedule had been packed, from the start till the end, with talks and interviews. He barely had time to rest and sleep! It’s beyond me how he managed to fulfill his work as how he had!

Most importantly, not to forget, in every talk and interview that he had done, he had emphasized that he does NOT appreciate, the fact that (He) as the messenger was seen to be, and treated as more important than the message. He made sure personal questions had been kept to a minimal, and concentrated more and entirely on the Palestinian cause.

On the fact that he’s made mistakes with his reporting during the War, and how his choice of words may not have been used in a manner that is acceptable by a certain number of people, but…at the end of the day, is Harry Fear not only human? Is he not entitled to make mistakes? I clearly remember that during the war, tons of information had been reported wrongly, by many parties. But that’s simply how it is, because in times like such, there’s no proper way of verifying the incidents at the very moment of its occurrence. Is that not understandable?

He is a ‘People’s journalist’. By definition of that, his sustenance is based on what the people have willingly contributed. That is simply how this line of journalism works. Take for example, during the aggression that occurred in Rohingya, people had raised money and had funded a journalist, to have sent over. No complaints were heard. Why? Because we need that sort of news source, do we not?

On attaining fame, that is simply something that comes with the work that he does. He doesn’t ask to be idolized, but certain people CHOOSE to do so. How could he possibly be blamed for that? The fact that he is recognized by many, his work is shared by tons, are those all not simply blessings for him from Allah, for the good (and hard work) that he has done? Whether some of us like it or not, there are more eyes being opened…there are more hearts that have turned, especially from the Western world. Is this not what we all want? Is this not the mission that we as activists expected/wanted to achieve?

In short what I’m trying to say is, he is not perfect. He makes mistakes. But as I’ve said, he is only human.

So, rather than we harp on the wrong, why can’t we focus on the good? Let us look beyond minute imperfections.

Because how can we possibly expect to bring our one true enemy (Israel) down, when we’re too busy hating on each other?

Truly, at the end of the day, should it matter not, whether we are Palestinians who live in Palestine, or perhaps Palestinians whom live on foreign land, or simply, a Palestinian at heart? For, the most crucial point is that, WE ARE ALL IN THIS FOR ONE PURPOSE, AND ONE PURPOSE ONLY : To liberate Palestine. Therefore, should there not be room or space for hatred amongst us? 😦

If the intention had been clean and pure, why was one out of many others picked on? The reasonings don’t justify the actions carried out. People are watching, people are listening. So, before more damage is done, be it to yourself, the people or the country, can we please stop and put an end to this ‘hate campaign’?

It isn’t a nice feeling to be thinking that we are putting up a battle for a “lost cause” due to internal actions.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Let us all work towards that, shall we?

Make love, not war. 🙂 ❤

Son of Jerusalem



CONFIRMED: There has been an initial agreement with Palestinian legendary hunger striker Samer Issawi on his own terms and the “Israeli Prison Service (IPS)” that in exchange for ending his hunger strike he carries out an additional 8 months in prison to end all his military court charges once in for all without any further legal action against him regarding his case and that he be released un-condtionally to his home in al Issawia in the district of Jerusalem. According to lawyer Jawad Bulous this agreement is expected be finalized in the coming hours and a press release by the Palestinian Prisoners Club will be held regarding the deal agreement. Samer Issawi has resumed his supplements as of midnight Palestine time and thanks every single person and organization that has stood by his side and supported his fight for freedom and justice!

We reiterate that this agreement has NOT been finalized yet and we will keep you posted as we continue with developments! Thank you for your continued support! Long live Palestine and it’s heroic Palestinian people!

After 277 long days of being on Hunger Strike, and even longer days of being tortured and beaten, held without trial, Samer Issawi, son of Jerusalem has achieved ‘victory’! (Yes, I am aware that it has yet to be fully and officially finalized, but in cases like this, a celebration is still due!)

I for one believe that it is more than right to say that He truly is a living legend of our time!
Samer Issawi is the epitome of the term “Hero“.
He had stood his ground and stared into the eyes of Israel’s Occupation itself and had said “I will take my freedom, whether you like it or not.”
He had challenged death itself, for freedom.

He has truly brought the definition of strength and dignity to a whole new level.

The struggles that Issawi faced, had not only been for him, rather it had been for all of Palestine. His freedom signifies a closer victory for the Palestinian people as a whole!

Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), it’s absolutely amazing to be able to finally say these words, knowing that a for-certain freedom is with him!

As Rafeef Ziadah had said, “We (the Palestinian people) wake, to teach the world life, sir.”

Samer Issawi is a living proof of that. He has truly taught us life.

*To the people behind “The Free Samer Issawi Campaign”, you guys have been absolutely inspirational! From sharing the necessary news we need to hear, to the campaigns you have started! From the bottom of my heart, (and I’m sure hearts of many others), thank you so much for all that you have done to have brought the plight to light 🙂 ❤

“Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”


Recalling an “incident” that had occurred a few months back, while ‘hanging out’ with a of couple friends and a dear teacher (Let’s have her called, Miss S), I had mentioned about the recent brutal killings of Palestinian children (In The Operation Pillar of Cloud) that had been carried out by Israel.

Miss S, had abruptly and angrily stated that “Oi! Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”
Warning me to cut short the conversation.

Somehow she had seen it to be as some sort of personal attack because the words, “Israel” “The IDF” “Brutal actions” and “Zionism” were heard. It was as though my mentioning of children being mercilessly killed, left without shelter or loved ones, passed right through her ears. Had those lives lost meant nothing?

There is a difference between loyalty and absurdity. If the killings of the innocent is somehow permissible to you, because apparently you were told that “God said so”, I simply have to ask, what sort of God could you possibly be believing in, if it means that one is meant to be unjust to the other? That a man has a right over an other? That a life is suddenly unworthy? Had God not said, “Thou shall not kill”? There had been no if’s and but’s to his orders.

Why would you believe in the preaching of men when Our Lord has decreed to us something else, entirely?

Not agreeing with the actions of the Zionists does not make you un-Christian, in fact, it makes you a stronger one. For you are standing on the side of the right. Being with the oppressed rather than the other oppressor. Will you not then be seen better in HIS eyes.

Get a deeper understanding on this issue. It isn’t about religion. It’s about our fellow mankind being killed.

Could it possibly be right for us to have our rights when our brothers and sisters elsewhere, are being deprived of it?

Change your mindset, help save lives.

“Christians United For Peace” had written a very lovely piece on this matter, as well, do read! :