Goodbye, Daddy.

Being a family that barely ever celebrates birthdays, you’ve been known to give the worst of gifts – from mugs to absolutely nothing, but this time, daddy, just 8 days before, you forced me to bury you into the ground, and say goodbye – for forever.

I’ve always felt that I was too old, and that it’s now too late to change how things really were and had been between us. I wasn’t wrong per-se, but I had burnt with far too much anger, and a tad too filled with the internal devil called the ego, to see above and beyond what was, and nor did I see much sense.Through the fights, the pain and the little things, I now look back and realize that – that had been the only way you knew, to tell me that you cared. That you loved me. Though your ways may have had been questionable, but that had just been the way you were. And I understand that now. 
I truly hope you forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done against you, and I pray that you know I’ve forgiven you too.

As you are now on the other side, I hope you know that I’ve always had and will always – love you.

Thank you for having had been there, in ways I now realize truly matters. You had been a remarkable man, with an even more remarkable heart. The remnants of your kindness will forever be reminded by those whose lives you’ve touched, and by us who love you. And indeed, it is something that I see everyday. 

It breaks my heart to know that you won’t be there, as I move on with the future phases of my life. It aches to know that you won’t be the one to give me away when the time comes. It kills me to know, that you will never see me reach my dreams, and fulfill all that I’ve wanted to. And it simply and absolutely shatters me to know, that there is now no longer a chance for you to ever be proud of me. 

I hope you’re happy on the other side, daddy. Where the pain no longer kills, where there is no more worry for the future, where you can now rest – in what I hope and pray to be peace.

You’ve taken with you a part of me,

I can’t wait to get back.

Until the day that I see you again.

Till then, I’ll love you forever.

And always.

And I’ll miss you for even longer.


From your little girl,


(Who knew time would come where I’d miss such an embarrassing nickname? Funny how life is, hey?)

To everyone reading this, to the lot of you who are lucky enough to still have both your parents with you, regardless of the relationship you have, please know that you hold the one gift some of us no longer have. And that, is the gift of salvaging and restrengthening the relationship with the very people whom had created you.

You may think and assume that you are ready to lose a loved one, but believe me when I tell you, that – that, is the biggest lie you’ve made yourself believe. Nothing could possibly ever prepare you to actually lose someone you love, regardless of the circumstance. 

If nothing else, the finality of things, will be the very thing that kills you. 

May we all be granted the strength to continue on as things get tough, may we find the will, when the pain goes from bad to worse. May we love more, and hate less. May we forgive, and try even harder to forget. May there one day be a time where cancer is no longer be a fight we’re constantly forced to lose.


I Can’t Breathe

can't breathe

Bare your arms and protect,

That was the job requirement.

We understand, and we respect.

But the moment your arms,
Turn to ropes,
To choke
The moment your guns,
Turn suspects to victims,
In a blink of an eye,
Like some sick joke

I can’t breathe.

Oh and how you wear the blue with pride,
Don’t you know that’s how he looked,
When he died?

One shot,
Two shots,

The first could’ve kept him alive.

Before the screamed whisper of
“Can’t breathe”,
Turned from one to three,
Don’t you know that he’d still be here,
Only if you had just set him free?

You could’ve kept him alive.

But, no.

His life just wasn’t worth, to keep alive.

And I,

I can’t breathe.

Why I As A Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley’s Death


May this wonderful man, rest in peace.

I had been writing my thoughts on ISIS and had planned to have it posted, but the moment I heard about what happened to James Foley, I had decided that it isn’t that good of an idea, because no one would be bothered to listen to what I’ve got to say.

So instead, I’m writing this.

What’s happened to him, is beyond bounds of human comprehension. The man who had done what he did to him, is without a doubt, inhuman – and of course, inhumane.

It was barbaric, and it was terroristic.

There’s definitely no argument there.

But back to my title, the reason as to why I will not “apologize” for this horrific murder, is simply because I, as a Muslim, have nothing to apologize for.

This group who claims to be speaking for all Muslims, truly isn’t. They don’t speak for me. And I have given them no right to represent me, I have given no approval, in the actions of what they’re doing. None of what they do, is complacent to the rules of Islam, none of what they do, signifies Islam in any way.


Any Tom, Dick and Harry could grow a beard, speak arabic, and claim he was the caliph.
But only an idiot, would buy what he’s selling!

And apparently, the world is flooded with those who believe.

As much as I do not go around claiming that the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK to be a representative of Christianity, in fact – I don’t see them as Christians at all, for what they do. I expect for you, to grant me the very same courtesy, and see right from wrong, and realize that they too, do not represent me, or all of Islam, for that matter.

If you were to just look a little more closely, you would see, that the Boko Haram, the Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden (included), and whatever BS movement the media is publicizing, is cut entirely from the very same cloth. And unlike the majority of cloths that are now currently made in China, take a look at the fine print, and you’re bound to see Made In USA proudly stamped on it. I do not expect you to believe this, for I too had not previously. But do humankind a favor, and just open your eyes a little bit, if not a lot. What’s happening does not make sense. No one with such a brilliant mind (I mean bloody hell, how is the US or Israel not capable of catching these morons? They found Hussein in a hole, how could they possibly not find and kill off the monsters who march down the streets with no absolute fear?), would allow a journalist to tag along in their terroristic duties, and show them what horrors their inflicting on people, while killing another journalist, at the very same time. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

To the Foley family, I send you my warmest and greatest of sympathies, for what had happened to your evidently wonderful son. I am sorry that he had left this world through such a vicious way, I wish that He would take away all the pain and sorrow that you all must be feeling. I pray that those who had done this to him, will be brought to justice very soon, and I too hope that you would understand that those monsters are not a representative, of any of us. I wish for their destruction, as much as you do – and perhaps; even more. May peace be with you, and may His blessings be showered upon you, and may He ease your suffering through this horrific time.

Your sister in Humanity.

Palestinian Strength and God’s Chosen People


With this 72-Hour ceasefire, for the people in Gaza it seems as though normalcy has somewhat returned. Life goes on as how it had 30 days ago, 30 days prior before the living nightmare.

But through all the things that they do, it isn’t possible to forget that their neighbors, their families, their friends, are no longer amongst them, at this point of time.

Families had been butchered, universities and schools destroyed, homes no longer looking like homes…all thanks to the one regime whose brutality, the world is proudly funding. All of this, isn’t exactly something that is easy, to forget or to move on from.

This peace, is but temporary. Who knows, when Israel’s shelling may begin to rain on the Strip again.

Until siege is lifted, freedom is given, people will continue to live – but with a little hint of fear. Because nothing, is for certain.

Unlike all the other “wars”, that the Palestinians had fought in the last few years, this is one – whose victors are far more evident. And Wallahi, it isn’t Israel.

Yes, the Palestinians had lost more lives, homes, lands, farms, as compared to the Israelis (who has lost not much at all…) but in a war, where nothing is ever fair – Victory does not lie in the higher amount of casualties or damage one side has obtained and caused, because that’s not the point of what Hamas and the whole of Palestine had stood for.

Victory lies in the simple fact that through all the pain and horror, they still stay resilient.

O’ Israel, You may have taken away their lives, but you hadn’t even touched their essence of life.

The Palestinians will continue to do what they do best, and that is – staying strong, and soldiering on!

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The Selfishness of Giving


Author’s Note :This article was originally written for a class, in reference to the ‘Golden Rule’ : “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Hence, the repetition of it.” Be sure to let me know what you think! Cheers. 😊

With the worsening situations in Syria, and no solution to the conflict in Palestine, and continuous brutality against the Rohingya, they alongside thousands of others, are forced to flee their countries.

Saying that, Malaysia receives over thousands of refugees per year, hoping for a better life.

But sadly, these refugees are more often than not, left in disappointment. With Malaysia not recognizing their basic rights, many of these refugees are left crippled, with no means of ever finding sustenance for themselves.

These refugees, very much like you and I, had led the very same lives that we continue to live.

To them Malaysia was once upon a time a destination they chose to spend their holidays in, now – it’s home. Ultimately temporary, but it still remains to be a home.

Many of them had been forced to leave their loved ones, the homes they grew in, and the very land their ancestors came to be.

The thing about dunya, or this world, as I’ve come to learn, is that we’re not promised an eternity of comfort or happiness. In a blink of an eye, all that we have; could very well just change to become something that we had. Just as how the lives of these refugees had spun 360°, ours easily could too.

The reason why I’ve taken up to immerse myself into groups like Carefugees where we try our very best to assist refugees, is because I know, that if I were to ever end up in the position that these refugees are currently in, I too would wish that I would have someone willing to help and assist me and my family, even if it’s through the most basic of ways.

I too know, that in a condition where I would barely have enough to put a roof over my head, an education for my kids, and food to feed the rumbling tummies of my family, a food basket, a few extra Ringgit, though it may not be very much, but it would at the very least still be able to see me through. Even though for just a while.

Because at the end of the day, something, no matter how small, is still far better than having nothing at all.

Having had said that, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is a golden rule that I try my very best, to live by.

Because I believe in karma, I believe in His promise of always being Just and Fair.

And I believe, that when you have enough to spare, when you’re more blessed than those who are less fortunate, your duty on this earth, is to give back. To repay He, who has given you life, given you wealth, and given you health, by doing what you can, in assisting His creations. Your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity – no matter the race, no matter the religion, no matter the belief, no matter the circumstance.

It doesn’t just end there.

Doing unto others, as I would have them do unto me, gives me a purpose in life.

It reminds me, that even when I’m left feeling as though I have no reason to live, working in His path, convinces me otherwise. Because as I help others, in actuality, it is myself that I am helping.

Overcoming Grief – MH370 Flight Incident


When we lose someone, or something, whether in close relation or not, be it to death, an accident, war, or as per current times, a whole missing airplane, carrying over 239 loved ones, one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the depressions of grief.

The pain of loss becomes so great, that there doesn’t seem to be a plausible end to it.

Being forced to face such a hard-hitting detachment, or feelings of hopelessness, it is undeniable that it truly is a traumatic experience. The only thing we could possibly think about, is the pain seeping through our souls, and shattering our hearts.

With tears streaming down our faces, and screams threatening to breakthrough, no sense of logic could possibly get through us, now. The thoughts of “Whys”, and “Hows”, are the only things that are pushing us to get on with our days. With the fact that people continuously talk about the things, and the people, we’ve lost, and their speculations of why we did, just makes it all that much harder to deal with.

And so it’s obvious, that with all this grief we’re facing, the light at the end of the tunnel, seems very much non-existent. And the silver lining, no longer very much silver. But, in such moments, understandably, we don’t realize that the light is still there, and the silver lining, is still very much silver. It is still shining. Only the difference now, is that the tunnel has just gotten a little bit more longer, and the clouds a little thicker.

When in times of suffering, tribulations, and even desperation, we are always reminded to utter the statement : –
”Inalillah wa inalillahi rajioon.”
(Verily, unto God do we belong, and verily, unto Him, we shall return.)

But often times, we don’t understand, or we usually fail to see the depth and the true importance of the statement. We think that our hearts would be consoled simply by uttering it, not fathoming why it actually doesn’t. When truth is, it is only by understanding, that ease would come, and comfort could follow.

In times of tribulations, things would always be filled with uncertainty, and through all the misery and grief, there is only one thing that we could always be certain of. And that is the certainty that it is from Him we came, and is it to Him that we ultimately will return to.

By truly understanding that, we would realize that no feelings of pain or grief would last forever, because just as how our beginning and end is in His hands, so are our emotions. He does not do something without prior knowledge of what is to come out of it. And indeed as He has already told us that :

”And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirun (the patient). Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Verily! To Allah we belong and verily, to Him we shall return. (Al-Baqarah 2:155-56)

This is He, the One who had created us, from nothing, to become what we are today. By His divine book sent as a reminder, we are told that we will be tested with all sorts of trials, but He has promised, that to those of whom are patient in such times, they will be rewarded.

And as per Narrated by Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira:

“The Prophet said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.”

So, instead of allowing grief or the darkness of sadness to overcome us, be patient, be steadfast, and never fall behind in prayer, and trust that He will answer your supplications, because no prayer is ever lost. Because with every trial, He has promised us ease. Don’t ever lose hope, in even what may seem impossible, because indeed Our Lord has the power over all things, and to Him, nothing is impossible.

For every time you surrender yourself to Allah by not only uttering, Inalillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon but by understanding it as well, and feeling its essence in it’s entirety, and acknowledging His power, you will not only be rewarded by Allah but Allah will return His favors and blessings upon you for submitting to His will with patience.

No grief or loss would ever be too difficult to deal with when we know Allah, and place our trust in Him fully, to get us through absolutely everything.

No grief or loss could possibly be too great to deal with, when we truly realize and apply that we certainly belong to God, and with certainty, that we will return to Him.

Always keep in mind, that as Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said,

“The path to Paradise is surrounded with difficulties.” – Tirmidhi

*To all the readers who are reading, please take a moment, and let us raise our hands in supplication, for the safety and well-being of the 239 passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 bound to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, that has been missing for over 48 hours, now. May the airplane be found soon, and may He continuously grant the family immense strength and patience, through this horrific time. Ameen.

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17 Year Old Problems


You’re just like her, he yells.
You’re exactly like him, she spats.

Why can’t I just be me?

Though I guess she doesn’t really exist.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

“Forget about the world,

Think about you.”

But the minute I try to,

I’m nothing but the selfish woman now.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Had it all really been nothing to you?

Do I really mean so little to you?

I wish I could forget you, but I can’t figure out what’s worse.

My not being able to, or my not wanting to.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Do I need to cry in front of you,

Until my lips turn blue, before you’d begin to understand?

I’m not okay, this isn’t alright.

And you’ve lost all right.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

He blames me for all that she is,

She looks at me, and sees nothing but him.

Why am I even in between this?

I never asked to be here, so why am I punished for being around?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They tell me, “You’re growing too fast”.

“Enjoy your youth, live a little.”

Don’t you see?

How could I, when this is what’s become of my reality?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I know too much,

I don’t know enough.

I speak too much,

I don’t speak enough.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You’ve sacrificed everything for me.

You repeat, and again you repeat.

Don’t you understand, how could I be thankful,

When I’ve never asked that of you?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They called me stupid for caring,

They said I was an idiot, for being there for you.

But what else could I do, when I couldn’t afford to lose you?

It’s just a little pain, it’ll all go away. But I couldn’t stand, if you left me today.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

For years I stood by for you,

Settling things down, when it got out of hand.

With patience, I took the pain, I took the abuse.

And you throw it all back to my face.

How could you expect sorry to be enough?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

All my mistakes,

Like a public tribunal, you’ve displayed.

All my wrongs, mentioned in motion.

Yet you expect me to come out right?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You have to understand, they say.

She’s gone through so much.

What about me, and the things I go through?

What about me, the person you all go to?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Nothing I do, could ever be right.

Something wrong, you’d always find.

You get angry when I disappear, but how could I stay,

When you don’t even care?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I’m a brilliant actress, don’t you see.

Winning on stage, is nothing big to me.

For my whole life is a play,

But instead of Broadway, It’s a puppet play.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Take a listen, take heed, children of today.

Don’t allow your life, to end like how mine did.

This isn’t a fairytale, there’s no happy ending.

But this is reality, this is life.

Appreciate the 17 year old problems,

Cling on to it.

Because after that, it only gets worse.

But remember, as Ali ibn Abi Talib had said, “Hate no one, no matter how much they’ve wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much, even if you have been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you, and forgive those who have wronged you, and do not stop praying for the best, for those you love.”

It’s also so important to remember, no matter the sort of love you have in this world, be it the love of families, best friends, a special someone, a spouse, the list goes on…you will still be hurt. You will get hurt. Over and over again. Though, It is in those moments, that you will see, just how important it is to put Him first. Because He will never hurt you. He will not desert you. And when it feels like the whole word is against you, He will always remain with you.

And just because, how happiness isn’t yours today, or the next day, or the day after that, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come. He does not try you, without a promise of a better outcome. He knows what’s best for you, for it is He, who has created you. For every hardship you go through, and if your patience remains, a reward from Him, you will surely receive. Don’t be deceived by the tribulations of dunya, this world isn’t meant to be perfect. He’s simply shaping you for a better life, a better tomorrow. In a home, in a place, where you came from, one you’ll eternally belong. In paradise, insha’Allah. ❤

Two Rockets Fired Into Israel ; no injuries reported


Two Qassam rockets were fired into Israel Saturday from Gaza, Channel 10 reports. The rockets landed in an uninhabited areas; no injuries were reported. 

Resistance becomes terrifying because you know there’s no means to a proper ending.

We don’t have the weaponry, we don’t have the power.

But if there was one thing the Palestinians, the Gazans do have, it’s strength. It’s resilience.

With the existence of this so called catalyst, I fear for the sake of the amazing people in Gaza that I know. There is no knowing when or how Israel will attack. With the already horrible means of living, with the floods and sewage water over flowing, electricity remains limited, gas is still unattainable…it isn’t like the other times they were attacked. Back then they still had the means, they still had the resources.

But, now?

All they’ve got, is the strength inside, and of course the awe-worthy perseverance only the Palestinians have. And by God, I hope it’s enough.

Don’t turn your backs now, nations of the world. If there is one thing that could truly change the conditions they’re living in, and their future, it’s you. It’s all of you. Do not allow another Israeli Operation to take place, promising the fate of before. They’re already preparing for it ; Israeli city to become ‘Gaza’ for three days – in army drill. Do not let your brothers and sisters die. Not in your name, not again.

Do not stay silent in situations of injustice, do not be on the side of the oppressor.

News extracted from : Israel National News & Haaretz

I Didn’t Know What Happiness Was – Faith, Men & Beauty.


I didn’t know what happiness was, until I had finally decided to permanently have the hijab put on. It had been in the moments where I had stared in the mirror with this extra piece of cloth covering my head, that I realised, any sense of security that I had prior to this, was nothing short of an illusion.

Being amongst the very many teenage girls and young women, who savor and classify beauty as something that is constantly seen on the covers of magazines, or models on billboards above, I had fallen ‘victim’ and had become amongst those who were insecure about how they looked, of which had then begun to affect how I felt as a person.

Many nights were spent struggling to look into mirrors, simply because every time I did, I was never pleased with what I saw staring back. There were always things that I was unhappy with,  be it a, tiny zit here, a big round nose, there, or a “Why can’t I be as beautiful as that girl?” here…it had become quite the ritual for me.

It was in such moments, with such logics of what the mass media defined, and had thus led me to believe, as beautiful, I had fallen prey to the whims of dunya.

My definition of a confident woman had been based upon those who had the guts to dorn short shorts and mid-rif tops. And Wallahi, I had envied those women. They were the ones I was secretly wishing, I was more like. The ones I wish I could be.

With those thoughts and wishes, I had made myself believe, that I wouldn’t be able to find a husband, if I were to have the hijab on. I’m already bound to be having troubles finding one, without, how could I possibly find one with it?

But Allahu Akhbar! God is truly Great. You know the saying that goes “The People that come into your lives, are there, for a reason.”? Well. Allah Azawajjal had simply showed me just what those reasons were, and at the same time, had placed my fears to rest. He had sent me passing angels, as I have now come to call them, to make me see and understand, just how wrong I had been. By the will of Allah, these amazing few had taught me lessons, like no other.

That and amongst all things else, had made me realize that the partner I ought to be wanting, should be one that is willing and is able to see, my true beauty.
The beauty inside of me, instead of the beauty that the naked eye can see. I’d much rather have someone who respects me enough, and is appreciative of the fact that I am practicing my deen, then otherwise. To be the one that I would need, and to be the one who is able to guide me.

I had finally understood what the meaning of true beauty was. It hadn’t been about having the glossiest hair, or the sharpest of noses. Although very pleasing to the eyes, such beauties were only skin deep. They had been nothing but an illusion of the dunya. None of it was ever permanent. The time will come, when it will all fade. After a few very long years, I had finally realized that, no struggle is worth the fading outcome. I had finally learned that confidence doesn’t lie in being daring enough to wear the skimpiest of clothes, rather it’s about being brave enough to cover and protect one’s self from preying eyes, and lust filled chatter. It truly takes greater strength and perseverance, to not flaunt what God has blessed us with.

In short, my perspective of things flipped a whole 360°. My views had changed almost entirely.

But…I still had one thing stopping me.

Truly, this had been my greatest of worries in my days of thinking through my decision on whether or not to wear the hijab.

I had feared, that I would become a hypocrite. For there were still so many empty slots for me to fill. And so, how could I possibly become this walking symbol of Islam, when there were so many things that I have yet to make perfect? Because that was how I saw the hijab. It is a symbol of a believing woman. I believed, but I feared it hadn’t been enough. I had convinced myself that I would only wear the hijab, when I was perfect in my deen.

I’ve always been a practicing Muslim, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly understood what it meant to be one. Through learning the major parts of the religion, I hadn’t acknowledged the smaller parts of it. The part that made it what it is. I had chased after the approval of the creations, I had searched through the temporality of the dunya, seeking and hoping, that I would find the peace I so badly longed for. I was ignorant of the words of God. I had heard, but I never truly listened.

I hadn’t realized that by the fact thay God had created me as a human, had simply meant that I’m not meant to be perfect. The creation was made, to make mistakes. Take Prophet Adam a.s for example, through his story, we knew that he had made a mistake. And he is a prophet. And prophets are humans, too. Which simply shows that they are not immune to making mistakes. They are not entirely perfect, for perfection is an attribute of the Creator and not His creations.
We as humans could only strive and try to be perfect, but that is all we could ever do. Perfection, truly is beyond us.

And so, if I had based my not wearing the hijab on my politically correct reasoning, when will I ever be wearing the hijab, if at all?

If not now, then when?
If when, then why not now?

Indeed, it had been through the people that played a hand in guiding me, and pushing me onto a path much greater, that I finally decided that it was truly time for me to wear the hijab.

Wearing the hijab is still a constant struggle. But for once, it’s a struggle worth fighting through. Because at the end of this road, all I could do, is love my Lord and myself, even more.

“Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel.” – Yasmin Mogahed


Note : In no way is this post criticizing anyone, nor is it meant to be a means of judgement. What has been shared is simply per-basis of how it had been, and how it sometimes still is, for me. Wearing the hijab doesn’t determine a person’s level of piety, for we all struggle in our very own ways. Neither is it an excuse for us to be on a path of self-righteousness. That isn’t what it’s about. The hijab is simply a beginning, a journey, to God Willing, a greater you 🙂

O’ People of Egypt


I’ve never thought I’d ever be writing about Egypt seeing as how I’m no where near being throughly educated in the political aspect of the country, nor am I Egyptian by any means, but seeing the vile atrocity that’s been happening the past few days, I feel as though ‘to heck with it’, explains exactly how I’m feeling.

I do not care if you hate the Muslim Brotherhood ‘party’, despise it even. It doesn’t change much of anything. But the fact that there are still so many Egyptians standing by and just watching as their brothers get killed…now, that simply disgusts me. How can one willingly stand on the side that is killing your fellow people by the hundreds? Do your brothers and sisters, the ones you’ve lived with, in harmony, for the most part, for centuries, mean nothing to you? Those who had martyred in Rabaa and everywhere else, hadn’t been just a bunch of nameless beings. These are the people most of you had grown up with, lived next to, went to school with, loved, had they deserved to die in the arms of a dictating monster?

Why has the blind hate you amazingly have for a movement, a political party (that was democratically elected, mind you) be the reason that you approve the mindless actions of a man who wants nothing but to bring you back to where you had started? Why are you allowing your nation to be brought back to the times of Mubarak? Had the suffering then, not been enough?

You were the one nation in the Middle East, that had given everyone around you, the spirit to fight for their rights. You were the nation that had been an exemplary success of a victorious revolution. It had been you, O’ People of Egypt. It had been you, who had became the source of strength for your neighbours. So why are things the way they are now?

You were victorious, once. You can be victorious, again. End this unnecessary ‘massacre’. Stand together as how you had at Tahrir Square, once upon a time, Bringing down a powerful and an undeniably horrifying dictator, an action you never thought would ever be possible. But you had done it. It is only you, O’ people of Egypt, who can determine your fates. Become one, once again. Be rid of the titles of Pro-Morsi or Pro-Coup. You are one nation. One people.

The world stands behind you. Put an end to this nightmare of a regime, and welcome new beginnings. Be a part of and strengthen the Brotherhood of your nation, as how we people of the world view you. (No pun intended)

We are with you, Egypt.

All you need, is just to be with yourselves.

With love and respect,
One who looks up to your nation.