The Malaysian Nightmare

This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels. (i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)
This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels.
(i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)

*I’ve been holding off writing about this, for a while now. Contemplating as to whether or not I should, but alas. I’m not one with the greatest self-control or will power, so here you are, reading this.

One country.
Three planes.
In a span of one year, 12 months, 365 days, 8675 hours,
Have managed to go missing, shot down, and God only knows what else.
A country, whose flying track record has been just about as spotless, as it could possibly get….until this year came around.

It leaves me completely baffled as to how so many things could go wrong, in such a short span of time.

Shockingly (or rather unshockingly), it gets even more baffling. For there has been absolutely no concrete information on the; whereabouts, the reason why, and the condition, of these planes.

Planes don’t simply just vanish into thin air.
No matter how probable that may suddenly seem.

9 months.
For 9 months, families of the MH370 passengers and crew members have been left not knowing.
Hoping, wishing, that it was, and still is possible for their loved ones to still be living.

Had at the very least been given the closure.
No matter the fact that nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, added up.
All we know, is that it’s over.
With justice, that couldn’t possibly be any further.

And at the bottom of the sea,
In shallow waters,
Is where they suspect QZ5801,
To be.
With no signal, and absolutely no sign.
How could that be?

One plane, had been a shocking fright.
Two planes, had been an absolute tragedy.
Three? Now, if that isn’t a massacre, I wouldn’t know what it would be.

699 people.

699 lives,


Just…like that.

Does it all simply boil down to pure incompetence, a streak of bad luck, or a mere coincidence?


But, perhaps not.

*May the loved ones of those on board all three flights be blessed with ease, patience and immense strength.

May peace come to the fallen, may the light of truth shine through, and may justice be prevailed. Our hearts continue to bleed, while our hands stay linked together in prayer and hope.

Stay strong, Malaysia.

Stay strong.


Happy New Year? Happy–no more.

As fireworks go boom, on days of celebration,

nothing hits me harder than the realization,

of how,

To others elsewhere,

That blast is a sign of warning.


symbol, for the beginning of mourning.

An exclamation, that a life, or lives, are no longer living.


Oh, what goodness could this New Year possibly bring?

Smells of burning flesh, fill the air.

Somebody’s brother just got crashed, without care.


As the fire gets lit, another house just got hit.

 When can we get over with it?

Instead of squeals of joy, and belly-aches from laughter.

A mother screams, over the remains of her daughter.

Windows tremble, and wives crumble.


For like cake, someone’s husband just got baked.

Clouds cry, and phosphorus falls.


Acid flies , filling the halls.

There goes,

A hand,


Half a brain, gone with the wind.

Another blast, another corner.

5 shots down, they don’t know who’s now become a goner.

bang, after a spark.

They come out at dark.

While we stare in awe and wonder,

“How beautiful is that flower?”

They stand in fear, in front of a soldier.


“Will I live another day? I wonder.”

When will they stop?

When will this end?

Because every timea blast resounds.

It’s Her eyes,

that I see.

Her fears,

that I feel.

Her screams,

that I hear.

All in the works of revenge,

by a man who craves for nothing, but land.

A soul,

With dreams that will never be.

A ghost,

That will never be free.

A girl,

Forever stuck at three.


Goodnight, little angel. Sleep tight, little one. 

I’d say don’t worry, for Justice is near.

But it’d be a lie, that much is clear.

Because your life, and those gone with you,

mean nothing to the world.

For they give you no thought.

None at all. 

Alas, that is the reality, of a life, of one who’s given no identity.

It is what it is,

For you will only be, nothing but a girl of,


Where the worth of your life, is disregarded.

Because, fame and money,

is the only thing, that is guarded.

*All rights to pictures belong to it’s rightful owners.

Pictured events are of various times, each with stories of it’s own.

Lest You Forget

To those who can’t seem to understand, and those who love to do nothing but disagree, who chooses to put down those who care, let me tell you a little something.

Just so you know, lest you forget :

I am not worried about the souls of the children who freeze to death in Syria, or the souls of the children of  Rohingya who perish at sea, nor do I worry about the souls of the Palestinian children in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp who die of starvation.

For in the gardens of Paradise, they are free to roam.

My heart aches without a doubt, for their mothers who upon hearing the news, or looking at their little angels’ lifeless body, must wish to cease living themselves, out of unbearable grief.

Yet still, I worry not for their souls. For God does not place a burden on a soul, greater than they could possibly bear. In reward for their patience, their little ones are bound to await them in the hereafter, waiting to simply just grab onto them, refusing to let go, until He places them in paradise together.

No. The people I worry the most about, is you and me.

The ones who are blessed with recognized rights, overflowing full fridges, and homes to call our own, and yet we do so little to thank Him or aid those who are in need.

We, the ones who have forgotten that every time an innocent life is killed, and we choose to turn away, opting for the bliss of ignorance, uncaring and untouched…a part of our faith dies with them.

Simply being able to say ‘La ilaha illallah’ at the end of it all, with no substance to back it up, isn’t going to help us.

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe’, and will not be tested? And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make known, those who are true, and will certainly make known those who are liars.”

(Al-Qur’an 29:1-3)


Religion? Pfft! Who needs it!


Through logic we assume that man has the power to think for themselves, we know right from wrong, there is no absolute need for a Higher Power to dictate what we choose to do, or not to do, because you know, we’re simply just so brilliant, aren’t we? Why would we need some oppressing religion to boss us around? I mean, come on now. I can think for myself, so why shouldn’t every other man be able to do the same, too? I most definitely have no need to follow the teachings of books that came from thousands of years ago! Every bit of it is simply irrelevant in the times of today!

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the epitome example, of a man who knows right from wrong, good from bad – Eating Baby Soup for Sex. Voila!

People are in dire need to get off that high horse, pull themselves away from their rear end, and see, the rules that have been laid out for you, is not for the sake of a God that you don’t claim to exist, rather it is so you don’t become a bunch of monsters, like these people here.
Much like other issues that have occurred before our time, and those that continue to occur today, verse after verse, guidance after guidance, had been sent down for such occurrences and actions.

In reference to the article above, of those that you can find are in the likes of :

Surah Al-Takwir Chapter 81, Verses 8 and 9 :

“When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned, for what crime she was killed.”

In pre-Islamic Arabian times, better known as the period of Ignorance, the killing of female infants was very common, and very much often. Right at the moment a female child was born, her death sentence was already foreseen. Buried alive, is what her fate would be.

Only after the spread of Islam on the Arabian lands, did this forsaken action come to an end.

You see, Islam had not only prohibited female infanticide, but it had also forbade all types of infanticide, irrespective of the fact on whether the infant was a male, or a female. This very fact can be seen through it’s mentionings in :

Surah Al-Anam, chapter 6, Verse 151

“Kill not your children on a plea of want. We provide sustenance for you and for them. Come not near shameful deeds, whether open or secret. Take not life which Allah has made sacred.”

A guidance of which had been similar had also been repeated in :

Surah Al-Isra Chapter 17, Verse 31 :

“Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them, as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin.”

Were these verses only for the people of previous times, or are they yet and still applicable today?

As much as we crave to assume that we’ve outgrown the need of following orders of religion, the article shared above is more than enough proof, that we still do need to take a step back and realize, that we are not the wisest of beings. And as much as we wish we didn’t, guidance from the Almighty God, Yahweh, Allah, whatever it is you choose to call Him, is still something that we need.

We don’t all know right from wrong.
We can’t all tell good from bad.

Religion is not something that is meant to oppress you, rather it’s something that is to liberate you. To be a being, whose sense of humanity overpowers the need of self fulfillment. It is so we could be guided to be the best of people.
Much like our parents, no matter how much we hate the things they tell us to do, deep down (…deep…deep…deeeeeep down), we know that through their orders, all that they want, is nothing but the best for us.

So before you scoff at the existence of a need for religion, think of the reason why you need your parents. Look a little closer, dig a little deeper, and you will see, the reasons aren’t as far from the other.

“She’s gone.” – Time to care!


‘Gang-rape victim’, 17, kills herself ‘after her attackers took picture of the assault and sent it to classmates who branded her a slut’” – “Mom: Teen Kills Herself After Rape, Bullying” “Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: Halifax Teen Kills Herself After Alleged Rape, Online Bullying.”

Those are just a few headlines that I’m sure you’ve been seeing.

Just a short intro of her story :

Rehtaeh Parsons, had been fifteen years old, when she was raped by four boys, of whom had been her classmates.

You would think that the boys would have gotten charged, but no! Instead, the boys were free to go. The police had concluded that there were no grounds to charge the four boys after a year-long investigation.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Scott MacRae said the investigation “was completed in consultation with prosecutors and that there
was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges.”

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry had also even said that he had no plans to review the case because he has no reason to doubt the integrity of the police investigation. Landry had said that he has yet to hear of any formal complaint from Parsons about the police investigation, though he added she was open to file one.

You see, much like the Steubenville Rape Case, instead of having the community support her, they had chosen instead, to stand against her.
The alleged attack had left her an outcast at Cole Harbour District High School, when it should have been the boys who were more deserving of such fate.

I may have not gotten the memo, but when had our humanly fundamentals change? How had it been possible for everyone to have stood against a raped victim? When and how had a person chosen to be raped? Instead of shunning out the rapists, the people have shunned the victim instead. Where is the absolute logic in that?!

20130410-234954.jpg YEP.

Our ignorance, and choice to hate, instead of support, this beautiful girl, had left her mother finding her too late, and both her parents to be burying her six foot under, two years later. Did people think that she would be okay after what had happened to her? After the way she had been treated?
Having been raped may not have been the entire cause as to why she felt killing herself was necessary. The bullying and constant hate, I’d personally say, had been the reason for it.

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry (YES THE VERY SAME ONE!) had recently said that he is asking senior government officials to present options, as soon as possible, to review the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

Landry said in a news release issued Tuesday night :

“This situation is tragic, I am deeply saddened – as I think are all Nova Scotians – by the death of this young woman,”
“As a parent, I can’t imagine the pain this family is going through at this time. My thoughts are with them.”

Why couldn’t this have been said and done when she had been alive instead, dear sir? Does she suddenly matter more because she’s no longer amongst us? Was what she had to go through a joke for you?! She hadn’t been a faceless name! She was a beautiful girl, whom had a bright future ahead of her, if it hadn’t been for what happened.

How many more times do cases like this have to happen before the ones involve would realize the damage that they have created? How many more lives of the innocent needs to be lost before we all start to truly care and prioritize about what’s important and what’s not?

Ask yourselves;

What if she had been my daughter instead?

Rehtaeh Parsons, I’m sorry that we have failed you. Though I promise, justice will prevail. Be it in this life or the next, God willing. May you finally find the peace and eternal bliss, that was taken from you, on the other side. Rest in peace. ❤

Source of information : Dailymail UK, ABC News.

“Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”


Recalling an “incident” that had occurred a few months back, while ‘hanging out’ with a of couple friends and a dear teacher (Let’s have her called, Miss S), I had mentioned about the recent brutal killings of Palestinian children (In The Operation Pillar of Cloud) that had been carried out by Israel.

Miss S, had abruptly and angrily stated that “Oi! Don’t forget! I’m a Christian!”
Warning me to cut short the conversation.

Somehow she had seen it to be as some sort of personal attack because the words, “Israel” “The IDF” “Brutal actions” and “Zionism” were heard. It was as though my mentioning of children being mercilessly killed, left without shelter or loved ones, passed right through her ears. Had those lives lost meant nothing?

There is a difference between loyalty and absurdity. If the killings of the innocent is somehow permissible to you, because apparently you were told that “God said so”, I simply have to ask, what sort of God could you possibly be believing in, if it means that one is meant to be unjust to the other? That a man has a right over an other? That a life is suddenly unworthy? Had God not said, “Thou shall not kill”? There had been no if’s and but’s to his orders.

Why would you believe in the preaching of men when Our Lord has decreed to us something else, entirely?

Not agreeing with the actions of the Zionists does not make you un-Christian, in fact, it makes you a stronger one. For you are standing on the side of the right. Being with the oppressed rather than the other oppressor. Will you not then be seen better in HIS eyes.

Get a deeper understanding on this issue. It isn’t about religion. It’s about our fellow mankind being killed.

Could it possibly be right for us to have our rights when our brothers and sisters elsewhere, are being deprived of it?

Change your mindset, help save lives.

“Christians United For Peace” had written a very lovely piece on this matter, as well, do read! :


Whose Fault Was It? – The Blame Game

A few weeks back, while in a certain religious class, the topic of wars came up. The genocidal war that happened in Iraq was brought up as an example. The horrors of what had happened and what’s left of Iraq was discussed…by those who were still paying attention, that is.

In between of said discussion, the religious teacher had asked a question, “Whose fault was it?” – Whose fault was it that hundreds of thousands–possibly millions, were killed in that war? Being the straight-forward/lack-of-filter person that I was–am, I had of course answered with “Ours.” I was apparently dead wrong. You would’ve thought that I had told her the sky was green while the grass were blue, with the way she was looking at me! The stare had just been so filled with shock and distaste, that I almost laughed.

Would it be safe to say that one of the first thing that ran through her mind then, and possibly yours at this moment, is, “HOW ABSURD!” “I WASN’T FOR IT!”…yes?

Anyways, what had happened next was, she had gone off and proceeded to answer that question. Stating, “The fault of the war was not (just) on those who had gone to start it, but by the people around the nation, the neighboring countries of Iraq. The neighbors who were quiet.” Of which is, just to give you a brief geographical position of Iraq, it’s got Turkey in the north, Iran on the east, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on the south, Jordan in the west and Syria by the northwest. And she had basically stopped there.

You know what shocked me? The fact that she hadn’t seen even a slight truth in what I had said.

It truly pains me, that her stand, just like many others, whom have somehow failed to see, that we too were responsible for that very genocide. The responsibility hadn’t only been on the countries neighboring it. But it had been on us all. We had watched and seen, a Holy land, a Sacred land, a land filled with such utter beauty, get destructed and destroyed. Families were left broken. Hearts left shattered. The amount of loss that these people had faced…God. No amount of words could ever possibly sum it up.

What had we, the vast majority of man, done then, to help them? Did we truly get off of our high horses to help these people out?

Having had that said, in reality, had it not been our fault as well?  We literally stood by and watched as these people lost all that they had ever known. Are we too not to blame?

At that point of time, correct me if I’m wrong, it was as though the mentality we all had shared was, “Oh, it’s not really our responsibility. The Arab nations amongst themselves could have it fixed.” “We’re too far.” “There’s nothing we could do.” and believe you me, the list simply goes on and on.

The worst part of it all, I have to say, is the fact that we haven’t gone far off from that very sort of mentality. The very same thing is happening to Palestine and Syria. Yet, here we are. Uttering the same words we had said then. The circumstance might be different in this case, but people are still being massacred. We can’t continuously be pointing fingers at everyone else, hoping and wishing that they’d make the move to have it stopped. Then go off and blame them, when they don’t.

How much more blood can we have on our hands before it starts seeping through our fingers, soaking our shirts? How many more pages are we to have ready, to list down the names of the martyred?

Do these people not deserve peace and freedom? Do they not have the right to be liberated?

We’ve made the mistake with Iraq, once. But if we allow the same to happen to Palestine (and Syria), it will no longer be a mistake. It would now be a choice.

Will we continue to play the blaming game


Would we make a change?

You decide.

Do we not?

Palestine Occupied – History in Brief (Part 2)


As fellow human beings, it shouldn’t be a want, but more of a need for us to be informed about the history and all that’s been going on with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Why? Well, ask yourselves this. Could your conscience truly take the thought of having blood of millions of the innocent on your hands?

As it has been repeated about a billion and one times, this conflict isn’t based on religious disagreements. It hasn’t been one in so long! It’s about bloody time we all believe and understand that!

For the lot of us who are either too lazy or simply too busy to read, I’d have to say this video, made by The Jewish Voice For Peace is your best bet, yet! It’s short, cute, brief and just a tad shy from being complete!

Educate yourselves and make a difference!

Nuclear Transparency – Guess what Israel said


Israel, the ones who had gone on and on about Iran’s nuclear.

Israel, the ones who had said nothing much about their own nuclear weaponry.

Israel, the ones who claim their nuclear weapons of mass destruction are used to defend themselves.

Israel, the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Israel, the ones who are widely known to have 200 and 400 nuclear warheads.

After it’s lost at going against the establishment of a Palestinian state, of which they only had 8 others standing by them, the Israeli regime has been quoted to have said that the United Nations’ vote was nothing but a “meaningless mechanical one” and claims that the world body “has lost its credibility regarding Israel“.

The harsh reaction from Tel Aviv had came after the UN General Assembly had urged Israel to quickly open its nuclear program for inspection and to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, “without further delay

The call for nuclear transparency by the UN had came shortly after the United States had decided to cancel a conference on making the Middle East free, of nuclear weapons.

That very major event was reportedly cancelled due to the worries of the US that its darling little brother, Israel, would come under fire as the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Let’s watch and see how they’d weave their selves out of this.

Palestine Granted UN Statehood




In the name of the law and in the eyes of the world, Palestine is now officially a state!

138 countries voted yes

Consisting of a quite surprising, but very welcomed : Italy, France, New Zealand

41 countries abstained from voting

It consisted of a very surprising : United Kingdom, Australia, Germany

9 countries voted no

It was of course : Israel, Canada, United States, Micronesia, Palau, Czech Republic, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Panama

Note: Czech Republic had earlier mentioned that they would abstain from voting, but along the way, they had changed their minds and had joined the other 8 in voting against the Statehood of Palestine.

With the given Statehood, there is much that Palestine could do.
Even though there’s still a long way to go, at least now, Palestine is officially on the right track to bring justice to the rightful owners of the land. We Will Not Go Down.
Justice Will Prevail.



My utmost favorite 😉