Goodbye, Daddy.

Being a family that barely ever celebrates birthdays, you’ve been known to give the worst of gifts – from mugs to absolutely nothing, but this time, daddy, just 8 days before, you forced me to bury you into the ground, and say goodbye – for forever.

I’ve always felt that I was too old, and that it’s now too late to change how things really were and had been between us. I wasn’t wrong per-se, but I had burnt with far too much anger, and a tad too filled with the internal devil called the ego, to see above and beyond what was, and nor did I see much sense.Through the fights, the pain and the little things, I now look back and realize that – that had been the only way you knew, to tell me that you cared. That you loved me. Though your ways may have had been questionable, but that had just been the way you were. And I understand that now. 
I truly hope you forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done against you, and I pray that you know I’ve forgiven you too.

As you are now on the other side, I hope you know that I’ve always had and will always – love you.

Thank you for having had been there, in ways I now realize truly matters. You had been a remarkable man, with an even more remarkable heart. The remnants of your kindness will forever be reminded by those whose lives you’ve touched, and by us who love you. And indeed, it is something that I see everyday. 

It breaks my heart to know that you won’t be there, as I move on with the future phases of my life. It aches to know that you won’t be the one to give me away when the time comes. It kills me to know, that you will never see me reach my dreams, and fulfill all that I’ve wanted to. And it simply and absolutely shatters me to know, that there is now no longer a chance for you to ever be proud of me. 

I hope you’re happy on the other side, daddy. Where the pain no longer kills, where there is no more worry for the future, where you can now rest – in what I hope and pray to be peace.

You’ve taken with you a part of me,

I can’t wait to get back.

Until the day that I see you again.

Till then, I’ll love you forever.

And always.

And I’ll miss you for even longer.


From your little girl,


(Who knew time would come where I’d miss such an embarrassing nickname? Funny how life is, hey?)

To everyone reading this, to the lot of you who are lucky enough to still have both your parents with you, regardless of the relationship you have, please know that you hold the one gift some of us no longer have. And that, is the gift of salvaging and restrengthening the relationship with the very people whom had created you.

You may think and assume that you are ready to lose a loved one, but believe me when I tell you, that – that, is the biggest lie you’ve made yourself believe. Nothing could possibly ever prepare you to actually lose someone you love, regardless of the circumstance. 

If nothing else, the finality of things, will be the very thing that kills you. 

May we all be granted the strength to continue on as things get tough, may we find the will, when the pain goes from bad to worse. May we love more, and hate less. May we forgive, and try even harder to forget. May there one day be a time where cancer is no longer be a fight we’re constantly forced to lose.


Selamat Hari Malaysia!

I’ve been trying to recall a time in my life, where another’s race had ever been an issue – when it came to being friends, (and just about everything else!)

And guess what? I’ve absolutely failed. 
There hasn’t ever been a time where I had pondered or wondered if I should be friends with this person or the other, simply based on the color of their skin and the faith they believed. It had always been about who they were as a person, as people. Never about their line of ancestry. 

When I look at the people I call my neighbors, my best friends, my closest confidants – I don’t see them as Chinese, Indian, or Malay (or lain-lain!). I see them as people, as Malaysians, whom I love, appreciate and care tremendously about.

To the fellow future leaders of Malaysia,

I beg of you to never let those who try to break us apart, succeed. 

(I know things have gotten worse, so-much-so until I’m at the edge of renouncing my very own race – regardless of how impossible that is!)

But I ask of you, let us join hand in hand to fight against the racial segregation that has been forced upon us, either by the signs of dollars or make-belief thoughts of superiority. 

Let us not allow for them to win the war of making us turn against one another.

You are my brothers and sisters,

Regardless of our different faiths and ethnicity.

And I love and care for you as much, as I do my own blood (i.e. Family – NOT RACE!)

We are all Malaysians, with more things in common – then we could possibly believe.

Let us unite as such.

Let’s together work to end the injustice, and fight for our true freedom and equality.
After all, this is a struggle that they have no right to win.

And besides, how could we possibly let the world be left without a nation that manages to speak four languages in one sentence? I mean, COME ON! We can’t deprive the world of such a remarkable thing, now can we? 😉

Selamat Hari Malaysia, fellow Malaysians! ❤️

P/s: To those who continue to smear the name of Islam, and claim that they’re “Islamically racist”, let me just share with you this one beautiful piece that the Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him) had said in his last sermon: 

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

Does that in any way tell you that your actions or beliefs are justified? If you had chosen to rally out of pure love for your country and the leader – why would the chants, and provocative banners be a necessity?

The only thing that differentiates us from one another, is by what lies in our hearts, and our actions. Not by the color of our skin.

Being racial is given, but being racist – isn’t.

The Malaysian Nightmare

This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels. (i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)
This is simply a photo I had taken earlier in the year during my travels.
(i.e Not a photo of flight QZ5801)

*I’ve been holding off writing about this, for a while now. Contemplating as to whether or not I should, but alas. I’m not one with the greatest self-control or will power, so here you are, reading this.

One country.
Three planes.
In a span of one year, 12 months, 365 days, 8675 hours,
Have managed to go missing, shot down, and God only knows what else.
A country, whose flying track record has been just about as spotless, as it could possibly get….until this year came around.

It leaves me completely baffled as to how so many things could go wrong, in such a short span of time.

Shockingly (or rather unshockingly), it gets even more baffling. For there has been absolutely no concrete information on the; whereabouts, the reason why, and the condition, of these planes.

Planes don’t simply just vanish into thin air.
No matter how probable that may suddenly seem.

9 months.
For 9 months, families of the MH370 passengers and crew members have been left not knowing.
Hoping, wishing, that it was, and still is possible for their loved ones to still be living.

Had at the very least been given the closure.
No matter the fact that nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, added up.
All we know, is that it’s over.
With justice, that couldn’t possibly be any further.

And at the bottom of the sea,
In shallow waters,
Is where they suspect QZ5801,
To be.
With no signal, and absolutely no sign.
How could that be?

One plane, had been a shocking fright.
Two planes, had been an absolute tragedy.
Three? Now, if that isn’t a massacre, I wouldn’t know what it would be.

699 people.

699 lives,


Just…like that.

Does it all simply boil down to pure incompetence, a streak of bad luck, or a mere coincidence?


But, perhaps not.

*May the loved ones of those on board all three flights be blessed with ease, patience and immense strength.

May peace come to the fallen, may the light of truth shine through, and may justice be prevailed. Our hearts continue to bleed, while our hands stay linked together in prayer and hope.

Stay strong, Malaysia.

Stay strong.

I Can’t Breathe

can't breathe

Bare your arms and protect,

That was the job requirement.

We understand, and we respect.

But the moment your arms,
Turn to ropes,
To choke
The moment your guns,
Turn suspects to victims,
In a blink of an eye,
Like some sick joke

I can’t breathe.

Oh and how you wear the blue with pride,
Don’t you know that’s how he looked,
When he died?

One shot,
Two shots,

The first could’ve kept him alive.

Before the screamed whisper of
“Can’t breathe”,
Turned from one to three,
Don’t you know that he’d still be here,
Only if you had just set him free?

You could’ve kept him alive.

But, no.

His life just wasn’t worth, to keep alive.

And I,

I can’t breathe.

Why I As A Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley’s Death


May this wonderful man, rest in peace.

I had been writing my thoughts on ISIS and had planned to have it posted, but the moment I heard about what happened to James Foley, I had decided that it isn’t that good of an idea, because no one would be bothered to listen to what I’ve got to say.

So instead, I’m writing this.

What’s happened to him, is beyond bounds of human comprehension. The man who had done what he did to him, is without a doubt, inhuman – and of course, inhumane.

It was barbaric, and it was terroristic.

There’s definitely no argument there.

But back to my title, the reason as to why I will not “apologize” for this horrific murder, is simply because I, as a Muslim, have nothing to apologize for.

This group who claims to be speaking for all Muslims, truly isn’t. They don’t speak for me. And I have given them no right to represent me, I have given no approval, in the actions of what they’re doing. None of what they do, is complacent to the rules of Islam, none of what they do, signifies Islam in any way.


Any Tom, Dick and Harry could grow a beard, speak arabic, and claim he was the caliph.
But only an idiot, would buy what he’s selling!

And apparently, the world is flooded with those who believe.

As much as I do not go around claiming that the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK to be a representative of Christianity, in fact – I don’t see them as Christians at all, for what they do. I expect for you, to grant me the very same courtesy, and see right from wrong, and realize that they too, do not represent me, or all of Islam, for that matter.

If you were to just look a little more closely, you would see, that the Boko Haram, the Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden (included), and whatever BS movement the media is publicizing, is cut entirely from the very same cloth. And unlike the majority of cloths that are now currently made in China, take a look at the fine print, and you’re bound to see Made In USA proudly stamped on it. I do not expect you to believe this, for I too had not previously. But do humankind a favor, and just open your eyes a little bit, if not a lot. What’s happening does not make sense. No one with such a brilliant mind (I mean bloody hell, how is the US or Israel not capable of catching these morons? They found Hussein in a hole, how could they possibly not find and kill off the monsters who march down the streets with no absolute fear?), would allow a journalist to tag along in their terroristic duties, and show them what horrors their inflicting on people, while killing another journalist, at the very same time. Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

To the Foley family, I send you my warmest and greatest of sympathies, for what had happened to your evidently wonderful son. I am sorry that he had left this world through such a vicious way, I wish that He would take away all the pain and sorrow that you all must be feeling. I pray that those who had done this to him, will be brought to justice very soon, and I too hope that you would understand that those monsters are not a representative, of any of us. I wish for their destruction, as much as you do – and perhaps; even more. May peace be with you, and may His blessings be showered upon you, and may He ease your suffering through this horrific time.

Your sister in Humanity.

HAMAS Rejects Ceasefire Extention




What if

These wonderful posters were designed by Jihad Abdul Haq. Be sure to like him on Facebook, and check out his Website:

The only headline I’m seeing currently, is how HAMAS had disagreed to a continuation of the ceasefire.

And of course, the complaints that comes with it.

Let’s put it this way.

If you have been kept under siege for years,

  1. Where even the most basic of necessities isn’t easy to obtain.
  2. Where your child, your mother, your husband – has been killed, because some group of brilliant people have decided that they were terrorists, when they obviously were not.
  3. Where you can’t get yourself a job, even if and when you’ve got yourself a degree, masters or even a PHD – because in an area of where it’s only a few miles bigger than Detroit, with a population of 1.8 million, there is only so much jobs, that’s available.
  4. Where you can’t go in and out of the country as you will – Even if it’s just to seek for treatment, or to visit your family.
  5. Where death seems inevitable when you’re sick, because the hospitals inside the Strip usually don’t may not have enough of what you need.
  6. Where clean water, is as scarce as the remnants of Humanity.
  7. Where your homes, which you built with your bare hands, are destroyed every other year or so.
  8. Where you fear to send your kids to school, because you’ll never know if he’ll ever come back, or if you’ll be there – to welcome him home.
  9. Where your children are named after their aunts or uncles, who’ve died in the hands of Israel months or years before.
  10. Where you are forced to rebuilt your entire area, every time Israel strikes up a genocide, and the world ignores.
  11. Where you are forced to live in schools, and in shelters, because all that’s left of your homes, is a memory of what it was.
  12. Where you lose thousand, upon thousand, upon thousand of lives of your people, every time a war erupts.
  13. Where your 8 year old child, has witnessed THREE massacres, destructions of and in your homes, in their lifetime.
  14. Where there are days when you don’t even know whether you’re already dead, or still alive.

In this massacre alone, the Palestinians in Gaza have lost almost 2,000 lives.

If you were in their position, would you really want to just give all the pain, the blood and the sacrifices up, for a life once again uncertain?

Where you’d be forced back into the same routine, and made to go through the same thing, every other year or so?

Is that the life that you want?

Is that the sort of future that you’d seek for your kids?

Because if it is, feel free to live in Gaza. And allow for them to live your free liberated lives, instead!

There is no in, and there is no out of Gaza.

And it’s past due time that, that changes.

If we could be proud of the ending of the Apartheid in South Africa that they were forced into, why can’t we be willing/hopeful, in making sure that the same thing happens for the Palestinians in Gaza? Apartheid South Africa was a time most of us weren’t around to make a difference, or assist.

But this, this is happening right before our eyes. Where the power to change it, lies in our hands.

So rather than you waste your time blaming those who resist Occupation by throwing stones, and sending over free fireworks into Israel, help them achieve the only thing they want, and that is – Peace, and Freedom.


Well, here’s proof. This is all that they’re asking :

  1. Mutual cessation of the war and withdrawal of tanks to previous locations and the return of farmers to work their land in the agricultural border areas.
  2. Release of all the Palestinians detained since 23 June 2014 and improvement of the conditions of Palestinian prisoners, especially the prisoners from Jerusalem, Gaza and Palestinians of the interior [present-day Israel].
  3. Total lifting of the siege of Gaza and opening the border crossings to goods and people and allowing in all food and industrial supplies and construction of a power plant sufficient to supply all of Gaza.
  4. Construction of an international seaport and an international airport supervised by the UN and non-biased countries.
  5. Expansion of the maritime fishing zone to 10 kms and supplying fishermen with larger fishing and cargo vessels.
  6. Converting the Rafah crossing into an international crossing under supervision of the UN and Arab and friendly countries.
  7. Signing a 10-year truce agreement and deployment of international monitors to the borders.
  8. A commitment by the occupation government not to violate Palestinian airspace and easing of conditions for worshipers in al-Aqsa mosque.
  9. The occupation will not interfere in the affairs of the Palestinian government and will not hinder national reconciliation.
  10. Restoration of the border industrial areas and their protection and development.

Is that so wrong? And as Dr. Mads Gilbert (Norway) said : “If no siege, no tunnels! If no occupation, no rockets!”

*If you have questions or doubts about whether or not HAMAS is a terroristic regime, please refer to statements 1 – 14. If that’s the life you were living, you’d be opting to do far more than what they are doing. So do us all a favor, and shut the —- up.

**If HAMAS is forced to disarm, then Israel should be told to do the same. For  there’ll be no true reason for Israel to be a nation of WMDs, anymore – no?

Palestinian Strength and God’s Chosen People


With this 72-Hour ceasefire, for the people in Gaza it seems as though normalcy has somewhat returned. Life goes on as how it had 30 days ago, 30 days prior before the living nightmare.

But through all the things that they do, it isn’t possible to forget that their neighbors, their families, their friends, are no longer amongst them, at this point of time.

Families had been butchered, universities and schools destroyed, homes no longer looking like homes…all thanks to the one regime whose brutality, the world is proudly funding. All of this, isn’t exactly something that is easy, to forget or to move on from.

This peace, is but temporary. Who knows, when Israel’s shelling may begin to rain on the Strip again.

Until siege is lifted, freedom is given, people will continue to live – but with a little hint of fear. Because nothing, is for certain.

Unlike all the other “wars”, that the Palestinians had fought in the last few years, this is one – whose victors are far more evident. And Wallahi, it isn’t Israel.

Yes, the Palestinians had lost more lives, homes, lands, farms, as compared to the Israelis (who has lost not much at all…) but in a war, where nothing is ever fair – Victory does not lie in the higher amount of casualties or damage one side has obtained and caused, because that’s not the point of what Hamas and the whole of Palestine had stood for.

Victory lies in the simple fact that through all the pain and horror, they still stay resilient.

O’ Israel, You may have taken away their lives, but you hadn’t even touched their essence of life.

The Palestinians will continue to do what they do best, and that is – staying strong, and soldiering on!

Continue reading “Palestinian Strength and God’s Chosen People”

Never To Be Forgotten

Imagine, having your neighbourhood bombed.

Imagine, having to flee the homes you were brought up in.

Now, imagine – running away, and leaving everything and everyone behind.

Because when the bombs start to fall, all you can do is run.

Again, imagine having to pass and climb over dead bodies, to get to safety.

For no ambulance, no one, could come and clear them up.

No one, could come and save you.

There’s only a way out, but no way in.

And even at this point, they still continue to shoot at you.

But somehow, you manage to leave – alive.

Minutes go by, hours…there’s no way of you knowing if your families are doing alright.

Then suddenly, out of “mercy”, the ones who had bombed you out of your homes, agreed to a Humanitarian ceasefire.

You could now go home, even for just a while.

To look for the loved ones, that you got separated from.

And so you do.

You call out for them,

And again…you call out for them.

But the only thing that resounds? Is the sound of drones flying above you.

What you’ll see next, needs no imagination.

For it is exactly, what has happened.

When stories don’t begin with, “Once Upon A Time” – it usually doesn’t end with “Happily Ever After”, either.

He is not just a number, in the table of statistics – that will grow no other way, but higher.

He is not just another face, that will be forgotten – as time goes on longer.

For he is the Son of Palestine, a people of a land not to be forgotten.

He is Salem Shamaly, more than just a number, and far greater than just a face.

And he,

He will be remembered.

Just as we remember, all that Israel has massacred.

*Read Rina Andolini‘s first-hand recount of the killing of Salem Shamaly, on Mondoweiss:

And, read on how Shamaly’s family (the ones he had been looking for) had found out about his death, as per written by Jehan Alfarra:

In just 14 days, according to the MOH Spox latest update – Israel has killed over 620 Palestinians, and had injured over 3752 others, in it’s ongoing Offensive in Gaza. Names of the murdered, listed and updated by OccPal-GazaVersion can be found here :

Gaza – How you can help!

Only humanity


If you’ve been following my page, or any other Palestinian-Related Facebook pages, you would probably have seen more deaths, more tears and blood, than you’ve ever expected to see in your whole entire life. Well, on screen at least. (Let’s remember that our sisters in brother in Gaza are facing through all of this, head on. They can’t simply turn the nightmare off by a click, or a button).

What’s happening in Gaza right now, is so horrendous – that no words would ever do the condition justice. If you, very much like myself, are feeling helpless, wishing to do something for these beautiful people, please know that you can.

And, as much as this would disappoint you to hear – No, it doesn’t include you going to Gaza. I’ll let you know why, at the of the post.

Let’s begin.

Here are 5 Steps, of what you can do.


Identify a reliable and trustworthy Organization – Donate and Raise funds.

There are a lot of Organizations out there that are, and have been collecting funds for the people in Gaza. One way you could help them, is of course – by donating. This, has proven to be very helpful, especially at this point, where medical supplies and food are very scarce, and money – is a problem.

If on a personal basis, you can’t afford to give. Worry not! There are other ways that you could do so.

If you’re still in school or living the College student life, get permission from your Schools/Universities to raise funds for Gaza. Hold events, have a small fundraising dinner/Iftar. And the likes.

And for the businessman and woman amongst us, you could even link up your products/lines with the organizations around. Give 5 – 10 or even 50% of your profit to aid the Palestinians!

*It’s very important to note, that the funds you raise or give, better be sent to and through the right channel. There are a lot of bad people and sketchy organizations out there. So beware, of who you choose to give or work with. Be certain and confident that a 110% of the donations, will be going straight to those in need.


BOYCOTT Israeli Products.

This, has to be one of the easiest – and yet the hardest thing, for us mere mortals to do.

What boycotting an Israeli product means, is that you stop purchasing and selling products/produce made in Israel or by Israeli companies that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, (as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions). Like those dates you’ve been purchasing in Ramadan, for example. They could very well have been from Israel!

How can you tell if you need to Boycott a certain product? The Buycott app, has made our lives easier, because it’ll tell you just that! Join the Long live Palestine boycott, once you’ve downloaded the app.

For apple users, get it on the iTunes store here:

Android users:

*It’s very important to note here, that before you go on a tangent, that “everything is practically Jewish made and owned”, this action of solidarity, isn’t religiously influenced, and nor is it a racist one. It isn’t the our Jewish brothers and sisters that we’re hoping to effect, it’s the funders and supporters of the Zionist state’s barbarity. If you hadn’t known, Yes, there’s a difference.

For a list and description of Products you ought to boycott, visit: Inminds UK


SHARE THE NEWS – Spread Awareness.

It doesn’t require you to spend any money, and barely any energy at all.

Social Media, is the best and also the easiest way to do it. All it takes is one click, one share, (from the right source of course) and you’ll never know just whose eyes you’ve managed to open. Even if it was only one person that you’ve successfully awakened from their state of ignorance, know – that, that is still one person more.


Call out to your Governments.

For those of you who are staying in the United States or even the EU in general, this is especially important for you. You, are of the nations who have the true power, and the true voice in this world. Stand up for the injustices that these people are facing, the injustice that YOU’RE facing. Yes, America. It’s you I’m talking to. Did you know that your government sends over 3 Billion Dollars in aid, to Israel? When I say aid, I mean military wise, of course. Which includes weapons and it’s likes, that Israel are using to massacre the people of Gaza. Yes, over 3 Billion, of the money you already don’t have. (If you can’t be bothered about people being killed in Palestine, at least be angry about your people not receiving the education and healthcare, that they deserve – from your tax money, no less!)

Send memorandums to your respective Governments. Call up your ministers. Tell them about how angry you are, and how inhumane it is, for your nation to stay silent.



The reason why this is step five, and not the first step, is because without doing either or all of that I’ve stated above, nothing will change. How do you expect God, no matter what religion you believe in, change the condition that you are in, until you’ve changed the condition of yourselves? (13:11) You have to make the effort, you have to try. We have no right to be blaming Him for not saving our brothers and sisters in Gaza, when we ourselves are doing nothing, to help them. Prayer isn’t a way out of helping them. It’s a way to make it happen.

In short, no matter how useless you may feel,

Know that, you truly aren’t.

You too have the power to make a difference.

If we were to all come together, and do either one, or even better – all five of these things, Palestine will be free, even before we’re done chanting “Israel is a Terrorist State”. Together we can build nations, or apart – we’ll be watching nations fall.

Let’s not just sit, and watch the numbers of casualties rise.

Let’s do something about it.

One step at a time.

*The number of casualties of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, or the Genocide, as I prefer to call it – has risen to a horrifyingly high amount of 425 people, 112 being children, 41 women, and 25 elderly; with over 3008 others injured, and thousands internally displaced and homeless. Let this figures motivate you, to start doing what you can.


Israel had killed these two angels last night amongst many others. Please, let us do all that we can from killing more.

P/s : As promised –

“Why can’t I go to Gaza? I want to!”
Well, my dear brothers and sisters.
The answer is very simple. Unless you are a doctor, or somehow qualified in the medical scene, or perhaps a journalist – a reporter, there will be no use of you being in Gaza at this point of time. The hard-hitting truth of reality, is that you wouldn’t even get passed the Rafah Border. Egypt is only allowing for internationals to get out of Gaza, and not in. I’d love nothing more than to be there to stand with – and protect my friends, but it simply isn’t possible. Palestinians themselves, have not been allowed to go back home. Visas wouldn’t be issued for them. What more for you and I? We need to remember that Gaza is not a place for tourists to be. There will be no sight-seeing, there’ll be no fun there. Joining the Qassam brigades, is not even in the equation. So don’t bother. And really, there’s no need for us to be adding to their burdens. Food and medical supplies are already running low. The doctors wouldn’t have time to be treating you for shock, in the hospitals. And believe me, you’ll be needing treatment for it.

But just because we can’t be there, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.

Let’s be realistic, and do what we can.

The Selfishness of Giving


Author’s Note :This article was originally written for a class, in reference to the ‘Golden Rule’ : “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Hence, the repetition of it.” Be sure to let me know what you think! Cheers. 😊

With the worsening situations in Syria, and no solution to the conflict in Palestine, and continuous brutality against the Rohingya, they alongside thousands of others, are forced to flee their countries.

Saying that, Malaysia receives over thousands of refugees per year, hoping for a better life.

But sadly, these refugees are more often than not, left in disappointment. With Malaysia not recognizing their basic rights, many of these refugees are left crippled, with no means of ever finding sustenance for themselves.

These refugees, very much like you and I, had led the very same lives that we continue to live.

To them Malaysia was once upon a time a destination they chose to spend their holidays in, now – it’s home. Ultimately temporary, but it still remains to be a home.

Many of them had been forced to leave their loved ones, the homes they grew in, and the very land their ancestors came to be.

The thing about dunya, or this world, as I’ve come to learn, is that we’re not promised an eternity of comfort or happiness. In a blink of an eye, all that we have; could very well just change to become something that we had. Just as how the lives of these refugees had spun 360°, ours easily could too.

The reason why I’ve taken up to immerse myself into groups like Carefugees where we try our very best to assist refugees, is because I know, that if I were to ever end up in the position that these refugees are currently in, I too would wish that I would have someone willing to help and assist me and my family, even if it’s through the most basic of ways.

I too know, that in a condition where I would barely have enough to put a roof over my head, an education for my kids, and food to feed the rumbling tummies of my family, a food basket, a few extra Ringgit, though it may not be very much, but it would at the very least still be able to see me through. Even though for just a while.

Because at the end of the day, something, no matter how small, is still far better than having nothing at all.

Having had said that, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is a golden rule that I try my very best, to live by.

Because I believe in karma, I believe in His promise of always being Just and Fair.

And I believe, that when you have enough to spare, when you’re more blessed than those who are less fortunate, your duty on this earth, is to give back. To repay He, who has given you life, given you wealth, and given you health, by doing what you can, in assisting His creations. Your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity – no matter the race, no matter the religion, no matter the belief, no matter the circumstance.

It doesn’t just end there.

Doing unto others, as I would have them do unto me, gives me a purpose in life.

It reminds me, that even when I’m left feeling as though I have no reason to live, working in His path, convinces me otherwise. Because as I help others, in actuality, it is myself that I am helping.