Overcoming Grief – MH370 Flight Incident


When we lose someone, or something, whether in close relation or not, be it to death, an accident, war, or as per current times, a whole missing airplane, carrying over 239 loved ones, one can’t help but be overwhelmed by the depressions of grief.

The pain of loss becomes so great, that there doesn’t seem to be a plausible end to it.

Being forced to face such a hard-hitting detachment, or feelings of hopelessness, it is undeniable that it truly is a traumatic experience. The only thing we could possibly think about, is the pain seeping through our souls, and shattering our hearts.

With tears streaming down our faces, and screams threatening to breakthrough, no sense of logic could possibly get through us, now. The thoughts of “Whys”, and “Hows”, are the only things that are pushing us to get on with our days. With the fact that people continuously talk about the things, and the people, we’ve lost, and their speculations of why we did, just makes it all that much harder to deal with.

And so it’s obvious, that with all this grief we’re facing, the light at the end of the tunnel, seems very much non-existent. And the silver lining, no longer very much silver. But, in such moments, understandably, we don’t realize that the light is still there, and the silver lining, is still very much silver. It is still shining. Only the difference now, is that the tunnel has just gotten a little bit more longer, and the clouds a little thicker.

When in times of suffering, tribulations, and even desperation, we are always reminded to utter the statement : –
”Inalillah wa inalillahi rajioon.”
(Verily, unto God do we belong, and verily, unto Him, we shall return.)

But often times, we don’t understand, or we usually fail to see the depth and the true importance of the statement. We think that our hearts would be consoled simply by uttering it, not fathoming why it actually doesn’t. When truth is, it is only by understanding, that ease would come, and comfort could follow.

In times of tribulations, things would always be filled with uncertainty, and through all the misery and grief, there is only one thing that we could always be certain of. And that is the certainty that it is from Him we came, and is it to Him that we ultimately will return to.

By truly understanding that, we would realize that no feelings of pain or grief would last forever, because just as how our beginning and end is in His hands, so are our emotions. He does not do something without prior knowledge of what is to come out of it. And indeed as He has already told us that :

”And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirun (the patient). Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Verily! To Allah we belong and verily, to Him we shall return. (Al-Baqarah 2:155-56)

This is He, the One who had created us, from nothing, to become what we are today. By His divine book sent as a reminder, we are told that we will be tested with all sorts of trials, but He has promised, that to those of whom are patient in such times, they will be rewarded.

And as per Narrated by Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira:

“The Prophet said, “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that.”

So, instead of allowing grief or the darkness of sadness to overcome us, be patient, be steadfast, and never fall behind in prayer, and trust that He will answer your supplications, because no prayer is ever lost. Because with every trial, He has promised us ease. Don’t ever lose hope, in even what may seem impossible, because indeed Our Lord has the power over all things, and to Him, nothing is impossible.

For every time you surrender yourself to Allah by not only uttering, Inalillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon but by understanding it as well, and feeling its essence in it’s entirety, and acknowledging His power, you will not only be rewarded by Allah but Allah will return His favors and blessings upon you for submitting to His will with patience.

No grief or loss would ever be too difficult to deal with when we know Allah, and place our trust in Him fully, to get us through absolutely everything.

No grief or loss could possibly be too great to deal with, when we truly realize and apply that we certainly belong to God, and with certainty, that we will return to Him.

Always keep in mind, that as Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said,

“The path to Paradise is surrounded with difficulties.” – Tirmidhi

*To all the readers who are reading, please take a moment, and let us raise our hands in supplication, for the safety and well-being of the 239 passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 bound to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, that has been missing for over 48 hours, now. May the airplane be found soon, and may He continuously grant the family immense strength and patience, through this horrific time. Ameen.

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Nepal – The Land of Utmost Beauty

Never would I have ever imagined that I would have ever stepped foot in Nepal, in my lifetime. Seeing the Himalayans beyond the ever present pictures, were nothing but a crazy dream. No where near being a part of reality. But Alhamdulillah. Thanks to my ever lovely aunt, that dream, was now, no longer a dream. 7 days in Nepal, had now become a reality.

If I were to be honest with you, the one thing that had me beyond excited in the first part of the trip, had to be the thought of the much colder weather. Coming from a country where anything below 20 Degrees would be considered as winter, stepping into Kathmandu at 7.41pm (local time) with the temperature being just about 14 degrees, was an absolute dream.


The wind was blowing, and the night was as dark as ever. Yet, it was truly lovely to see the Streets of Thamel at such an hour. Though it wasn’t as near as lively as I expected it to be. But being the (amateur) photographer that I am, it wasn’t something that had me disappointed. I simply couldn’t wait for daylight to come, as so I could capture the beauty of the streets and it’s people.


The hotel we stayed in, stuck smack in the centre of the streets of Thamel, was (surprisingly) very lovely. It had been newly renovated, and for the clean freak that I am, there couldn’t have been anything sweeter.


It was in the days of being in Kathmandu and Pokhara, that I realized just how bad (i.e : how frequent) the power cuts/power rations were. At certain moments, it had me forgetting that it was Nepal I was in, and not Gaza. With no power, it had meant that there was no functioning heater. And no heater, had meant freezing in the coldness of the night. There were certain days where I woke up, and had thought the Angel of Death paid a visit, and I was now reincarnated as an icicle. (Yes, it did get that cold. Though I’m sure you Canadians could have worn shorts to sleep, and still find it better than the weather you’ve been having. :P) Getting out of the comforts of the covers, were about just the hardest thing to do. Every time I took a shower, I would’ve spent at the very least, 45 minutes in there. 35 minutes simply standing under the hot water (THANK YOU LORD, FOR HOT WATER AND SOLAR POWER), and the other 10, doing what I was meant to. Turning the hot water to the hilt, it took my skin turning scorching red, before I realized the water had been far too hot. It’s an absolute mystery how with my 7 days being there, I hadn’t came home with 1st degree burns. But wallah, looking back, I wouldn’t have it changed for the world.

We flew to Pokhara the next day. But on the way to the airport, I had seen the most disgusting thing ever. Graphitized on the wall, had been, none other than the Israeli Flag and the Nepali Flag, with a heart smack in between the two. Absolutely petrifying. *shivers*

Hoping for that to have been the last traces of Israel I’d see on the land, I was of course, disappointed. The moment I saw the Nepalese Army, I had to restrain myself from face-palming. The presence of Israel, was very much obvious.

Alas. Enough talks of the pariah state. Nothing good ever comes out of it, anyway.

We were due to take off for Pokhara with Buddha Air at approximately 9.30am, but the conditions of the weather hadn’t been so great, and so the flight was delayed for about an hour or so.


To make up for it, the journey over had been magical. One side you’d see the valleys of Kathmandu, and the other, the Himalayan range. There couldn’t have possibly been anything more beautiful. The moment we reached, the Machapuchare Mountain had greeted us. Though till today, I still can’t seem to be able to figure out as to why it’s called the “Fish Tail Mountain”, when it obviously looks more like a Fin.


Moving on…


After we reached the hotel and settled in, the lovely hotel manager, had given us the grandest suite they had, which was directly facing the Himalayans – with no extra charge.


His motto had been, “Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.” And ‘Happy’, we all sure had been! It was absolutely gorgeous! Imagine waking up to this every morning? Ah! Bliss! On the other side of the balcony, we had the lake staring back. It truly couldn’t have gotten any better than that!

After settling in, we had gone out for lunch.


Needing to discuss whether or not we still wanted to trek up to the World Peace Stupa. After eating and continuous chattering, we decided to allow ourselves to be overcome by the fatigue we felt, and the need to shop. And so, we hired a cab to drive us up instead. From a 4 – 5 hour trek, it became a 10 minute climb up to see the sunset. And yet again, that had been absolutely fantastic! With the view consisting of one side being the Himalayan Range, and the other, the Pokhara Valley.Stupa


Next came the big day. It was the day we were all looking forward to, but feared the most. It was the day we were to jump off a cliff at Sarangkot, with a height of 1425m. It was our day, to Paraglide. But sadly, the weather hadn’t been so great earlier in the day. The clouds were thick, and not a Paraglider was in sight. We had already started to discuss about other plans, just in case we couldn’t fly. My aunt was secretly jumping for joy. Not that it wasn’t very obvious 😉 But just as we decided to go for a boat ride instead, we started seeing Paragliders fly. So we rushed back to the hotel, to await for the transport to come.


We were all made to sit in a jeep, braving through the roads uphill towards Sarangkot. As we all sat stock still in silence, the pilots were beyond amused. So much so, they had laughingly told us, that if we made the journey up towards the hill, then we’re all good and set to fly. For in all honesty, the road up, was far more dangerous than running off the cliff.


Fear obviously has me doing the silliest of things. I don’t ever pose like that. PROMISE.

After getting geared up, fixing my hijab and identifying our own pilots, I had been the first one to go. Though sadly, my first attempt had been quite the mess. The wind that we tried to catch, had ended up being far too strong, causing the chute to not rise as well as it should. And with me being the light gal that I am (ha ha), was just about to get swept off my feet by the ever charming wind. But thankfully….I had fallen, before I literally flew.

My pilot had tried to calm me down, telling me that it was a good try and what not. I wasn’t far from screaming at him to be honest. I mean, how could THAT possibly have been a good try?

…Not that I knew anything about Paragliding at that point, of course.

And then, this other lovely pilot had come over. Probably after seeing what had happened, he had offered to give us hand. To assist me in having myself stabilized and not get rocked over with the wind. He had stood in front of me, grabbing on to my harness, and warning me to firstly not drag him along when I flew, seeing as how he wasn’t attached to anything, and of course, me being in the petrified state that I was, I warned him that I could make no such promises. But seeing as how I lived to tell this tale, and am obviously not behind bars for attempted homicide, Houston, we made it. The take off had been perfect thereafter!


Though the views of the mountains were still blocked by the clouds, the fly had been absolutely amazing. No words could possibly ever describe how it felt to be able to release that inner bird, to spread the wings you’ve forgotten you had. The whole thing, was nothing short of breathtaking! Saching, my cute pilot, had taken us up to about a 1800m.


We hanged out in the air for a bit, before taking a bunch of photos of ourselves.


(Can anyone say coolest selfie ever?!) and then proceeding to land. It had most definitely been the best 20 or so minutes of my life! I can’t believe I’ve finally gotten to check this off my Bucket List! Though if I were to be honest with you, if I had stayed in air for a few minutes longer, there would’ve been quite a high chance that the Pokhara Valley could have been flooded by whatever remains of the Palak Paneer and Dal Fry I had the previous night! Disgusting image? You’re welcome.


The landing was absolutely awesome. We literally flew over a person’s head, before we touched the ground, a couple feet ahead. It was so quick, I barely realized I had been back on the ground!


If you ever have doubts about going Paragliding – DON’T.


It’s safe (if you have yourself a well-trained pilot, that is). It’s amazing. It’s worth every penny.

To simply have it summarized, the trip was absolutely amazing.

Being the absolute-complete-without-a-doubt woman that I am, three days into the trip, and I was already short of funds. With my bags filled to it’s hilt. It’s a complete shopper’s Paradise. Especially when you tend to get the best of bargains. Winkwink 😉


Nepal most certainly has a lot to offer. It truly is a Mecca for the Hindu-Buddhists. The temples were absolutely magnificent. With each one having major histories and stories of it’s own. I may be no believer of either faiths, but even I couldn’t deny just how at awe I had been!


For shorter stories, and to get the gist of Nepal and it’s people, check out the Facebook Album I’ve created : Faces of Nepal 🙂

And last but not least, to the person who had made this trip possible, with all the beauty and joy that it had brought, no words could ever be enough to tell you just how grateful and thankful I am, that you had chosen to have me brought along, barging into your time with your girls. Thank you so much, aunty! May He reward you for your sweetness, your kindness, your love and may He always bless you with the best of the best, and may He ease your journey in every trial, and make easy all that isn’t.




I love you to the moon and back! ❤


If you’re reading till this far, congratulations! I applaud and thank you, for your patience and attention. Before you click the exit button, let us say a little prayer for the over 18 lives lost last Sunday in Nepal Airline’s latest plane crash, due to horrible weather conditions. To think that it had been barely a week since we took off from the same runaway, is absolutely horrifying.

May He grant peace to the deceased, and strength to the families.

Happy New Year? Happy–no more.

As fireworks go boom, on days of celebration,

nothing hits me harder than the realization,

of how,

To others elsewhere,

That blast is a sign of warning.


symbol, for the beginning of mourning.

An exclamation, that a life, or lives, are no longer living.


Oh, what goodness could this New Year possibly bring?

Smells of burning flesh, fill the air.

Somebody’s brother just got crashed, without care.


As the fire gets lit, another house just got hit.

 When can we get over with it?

Instead of squeals of joy, and belly-aches from laughter.

A mother screams, over the remains of her daughter.

Windows tremble, and wives crumble.


For like cake, someone’s husband just got baked.

Clouds cry, and phosphorus falls.


Acid flies , filling the halls.

There goes,

A hand,


Half a brain, gone with the wind.

Another blast, another corner.

5 shots down, they don’t know who’s now become a goner.

bang, after a spark.

They come out at dark.

While we stare in awe and wonder,

“How beautiful is that flower?”

They stand in fear, in front of a soldier.


“Will I live another day? I wonder.”

When will they stop?

When will this end?

Because every timea blast resounds.

It’s Her eyes,

that I see.

Her fears,

that I feel.

Her screams,

that I hear.

All in the works of revenge,

by a man who craves for nothing, but land.

A soul,

With dreams that will never be.

A ghost,

That will never be free.

A girl,

Forever stuck at three.


Goodnight, little angel. Sleep tight, little one. 

I’d say don’t worry, for Justice is near.

But it’d be a lie, that much is clear.

Because your life, and those gone with you,

mean nothing to the world.

For they give you no thought.

None at all. 

Alas, that is the reality, of a life, of one who’s given no identity.

It is what it is,

For you will only be, nothing but a girl of,


Where the worth of your life, is disregarded.

Because, fame and money,

is the only thing, that is guarded.

*All rights to pictures belong to it’s rightful owners.

Pictured events are of various times, each with stories of it’s own.

Dear Scarlett Johansson – A Letter To A Woman I Once Admired


Dear Scarlett Johansson,

Do you know what it’s like, to wake up every day, and not know what it’s like to be home?


Do you know how it feels, to walk on a path, discriminated, because of the color you are, and the family you were born into?


Do you know just how hard it is, to get to where you need to, be it for work, for school, when you’re stopped at every corner?


Do you know how painful it is, to be banned from going for mass, or being too young to pray in a mosque, when things are meant to be easy, on a land so holy?


Do you know what it’s like, to fight for your rights, but end up being signed of as nothing but terrorists?


Do you know how it feels, to be short on produces, because some idiot feels threatened by olive trees?


Do you know just how hard it is, to sit on the rubbles of what was once your home, a home that you destroyed with your own hands, because it was cheaper that way?


Do you know how painful it is, to be so close but yet so far from your loved ones, simply because of the existence of a barrier, greater than the Berlin Wall?


This letter, could go on, far longer, than it already is. But there’s no need for that, is there? (But bear with me)

Because you will never know what it’s like, to stay miles away, because people say, “This land is no longer yours. Go away.”, will you?

You will not know just how it feels, to live through everyday, being treated as though you’re no better than the scum beneath the sole of your shoes.

You won’t care about how hard it is, to get to where you need to, because the money pours in, and the ease comes through.

and you will never, ever, ever know, just how painful it is, to watch the land, the place where Jesus was born, and Islam had lived, be buried upon decades of lies, in ruins, threatened to be slayed.


Because to you, it is far better to support a company, that thrives on the sufferings of others, right?

It doesn’t matter how fairly the Palestinian workers are being treated, though they swear otherwise, because the factory it’s based upon, lies on a land, that once belonged to them, and those before them. People had lost their homes, in order for the factory to be built. And somehow you’re proud to stand by it? Amazing.

You say, that you are a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction, between Israel and Palestine. Do you even understand what that means? Do you realize that the only economic cooperation, both countries have with the other, is one monopolizing everything, and the other simply slaving? Do you know that the only social interaction that exists, in the context that you speak, is that one is spewing about the rights they apparently deserve, while they trample on the rights of the other?

A Democratic Israel and Palestine? With all due respect, what sort of rock have you been living under? As firstly an ambassador of Oxfam, how are you so unaware of the true situation between the two countries? Unless your understanding of democracy has changed to become exactly as how the twisted war-mongering nations see it, you ought to realize that there’s nothing democratic about it, at all.

How can SodaStream possibly be a company that is committed to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, when even it’s mere existence, go against every possible definition of peace itself?

You’re a brilliant actress, an amazing woman, if your work with Oxfam is anything to go by, but this, this support you have for a company that is produced through the blood of Palestinians, is simply absolutely disgusting. Don’t allow for dollar signs, that I’m sure you already see enough, and lies that are unworthy of woman so great, sway you to become a person you have never been. We had no way of stopping the first Holocaust, but it isn’t too late, to change the course of this one. You hold more power that you could ever believe.

I still have faith in you.


Don’t continue with this incorrigible mistake.


Your No-Longer-A-Fan-In-The-Making.

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12 Years a Slave

After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.
After watching the movie, this will make absolute sense to you.

With already a dark cloud looming over me, watching 12 Years a Slave tonight, most certainly hadn’t been the wisest of choices. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a movie so hard-hitting, date-failing, makes-you-want-to-sob-like-the-little-girl-you-are-inside, in so very long. In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a movie much like that, before.

The history of the past, has always been synonymous with slavery. But the depth of it, and the severity of it, has sadly never been something I bothered about, or put my mind into. Until today, until tonight – until this movie.

The best part of it all? It’s a true story.

The story of Solomon Northup, the things that he was forced to face, the circumstance he was placed in, the fight for survival, the struggle to live…will do nothing, but shake you to the core. At one point when he says, “But I don’t want to survive. I want to LIVE.” All I wanted to do, was crumple up in a corner, and cry.

Because though at the end of it all, this man had finally found his freedom, though justice wasn’t given, there are still thousands out there, who are living through the same life, this man was forced to lived. In this time, in this age, slavery is still something that exists. Perhaps no longer in those terms, but fact still remains. A slave is what they’re treated as. That hadn’t been all. Watching through the sufferings they went through, simply reminded me of the condition Palestine and the Palestinians are in. It may not represent things in the literal way, but it had brilliantly symbolized the Palestinian plight. In other words, you could just imagine how much tissues I had to go through! It had gotten so bad, I had black smudged lines all over!

If you haven’t watched it, then please do. Because really, you need to. 

Note : Ladies, wear waterproof products ONLY, if you choose to watch this. And unless you’re ready to have your boyfriend, husband, etc. watch you cry, don’t take them with you.

If anyone knows of anyone in the cause of Human Trafficking, please do have us connected. I’ve been ignorant on this issue for far too long. It’s time for that to change.

P/S : If it hadn’t been for Brad Pitt in the movie, I would’ve probably smacked the first ‘White’ man I saw. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

17 Year Old Problems


You’re just like her, he yells.
You’re exactly like him, she spats.

Why can’t I just be me?

Though I guess she doesn’t really exist.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

“Forget about the world,

Think about you.”

But the minute I try to,

I’m nothing but the selfish woman now.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Had it all really been nothing to you?

Do I really mean so little to you?

I wish I could forget you, but I can’t figure out what’s worse.

My not being able to, or my not wanting to.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Do I need to cry in front of you,

Until my lips turn blue, before you’d begin to understand?

I’m not okay, this isn’t alright.

And you’ve lost all right.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

He blames me for all that she is,

She looks at me, and sees nothing but him.

Why am I even in between this?

I never asked to be here, so why am I punished for being around?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They tell me, “You’re growing too fast”.

“Enjoy your youth, live a little.”

Don’t you see?

How could I, when this is what’s become of my reality?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I know too much,

I don’t know enough.

I speak too much,

I don’t speak enough.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You’ve sacrificed everything for me.

You repeat, and again you repeat.

Don’t you understand, how could I be thankful,

When I’ve never asked that of you?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

They called me stupid for caring,

They said I was an idiot, for being there for you.

But what else could I do, when I couldn’t afford to lose you?

It’s just a little pain, it’ll all go away. But I couldn’t stand, if you left me today.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

For years I stood by for you,

Settling things down, when it got out of hand.

With patience, I took the pain, I took the abuse.

And you throw it all back to my face.

How could you expect sorry to be enough?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

All my mistakes,

Like a public tribunal, you’ve displayed.

All my wrongs, mentioned in motion.

Yet you expect me to come out right?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

You have to understand, they say.

She’s gone through so much.

What about me, and the things I go through?

What about me, the person you all go to?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Nothing I do, could ever be right.

Something wrong, you’d always find.

You get angry when I disappear, but how could I stay,

When you don’t even care?

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

I’m a brilliant actress, don’t you see.

Winning on stage, is nothing big to me.

For my whole life is a play,

But instead of Broadway, It’s a puppet play.

I wish I had 17 year old problems.

Take a listen, take heed, children of today.

Don’t allow your life, to end like how mine did.

This isn’t a fairytale, there’s no happy ending.

But this is reality, this is life.

Appreciate the 17 year old problems,

Cling on to it.

Because after that, it only gets worse.

But remember, as Ali ibn Abi Talib had said, “Hate no one, no matter how much they’ve wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much, even if you have been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you, and forgive those who have wronged you, and do not stop praying for the best, for those you love.”

It’s also so important to remember, no matter the sort of love you have in this world, be it the love of families, best friends, a special someone, a spouse, the list goes on…you will still be hurt. You will get hurt. Over and over again. Though, It is in those moments, that you will see, just how important it is to put Him first. Because He will never hurt you. He will not desert you. And when it feels like the whole word is against you, He will always remain with you.

And just because, how happiness isn’t yours today, or the next day, or the day after that, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t come. He does not try you, without a promise of a better outcome. He knows what’s best for you, for it is He, who has created you. For every hardship you go through, and if your patience remains, a reward from Him, you will surely receive. Don’t be deceived by the tribulations of dunya, this world isn’t meant to be perfect. He’s simply shaping you for a better life, a better tomorrow. In a home, in a place, where you came from, one you’ll eternally belong. In paradise, insha’Allah. ❤

Lest You Forget

To those who can’t seem to understand, and those who love to do nothing but disagree, who chooses to put down those who care, let me tell you a little something.

Just so you know, lest you forget :

I am not worried about the souls of the children who freeze to death in Syria, or the souls of the children of  Rohingya who perish at sea, nor do I worry about the souls of the Palestinian children in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp who die of starvation.

For in the gardens of Paradise, they are free to roam.

My heart aches without a doubt, for their mothers who upon hearing the news, or looking at their little angels’ lifeless body, must wish to cease living themselves, out of unbearable grief.

Yet still, I worry not for their souls. For God does not place a burden on a soul, greater than they could possibly bear. In reward for their patience, their little ones are bound to await them in the hereafter, waiting to simply just grab onto them, refusing to let go, until He places them in paradise together.

No. The people I worry the most about, is you and me.

The ones who are blessed with recognized rights, overflowing full fridges, and homes to call our own, and yet we do so little to thank Him or aid those who are in need.

We, the ones who have forgotten that every time an innocent life is killed, and we choose to turn away, opting for the bliss of ignorance, uncaring and untouched…a part of our faith dies with them.

Simply being able to say ‘La ilaha illallah’ at the end of it all, with no substance to back it up, isn’t going to help us.

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe’, and will not be tested? And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make known, those who are true, and will certainly make known those who are liars.”

(Al-Qur’an 29:1-3)


Two Rockets Fired Into Israel ; no injuries reported


Two Qassam rockets were fired into Israel Saturday from Gaza, Channel 10 reports. The rockets landed in an uninhabited areas; no injuries were reported. 

Resistance becomes terrifying because you know there’s no means to a proper ending.

We don’t have the weaponry, we don’t have the power.

But if there was one thing the Palestinians, the Gazans do have, it’s strength. It’s resilience.

With the existence of this so called catalyst, I fear for the sake of the amazing people in Gaza that I know. There is no knowing when or how Israel will attack. With the already horrible means of living, with the floods and sewage water over flowing, electricity remains limited, gas is still unattainable…it isn’t like the other times they were attacked. Back then they still had the means, they still had the resources.

But, now?

All they’ve got, is the strength inside, and of course the awe-worthy perseverance only the Palestinians have. And by God, I hope it’s enough.

Don’t turn your backs now, nations of the world. If there is one thing that could truly change the conditions they’re living in, and their future, it’s you. It’s all of you. Do not allow another Israeli Operation to take place, promising the fate of before. They’re already preparing for it ; Israeli city to become ‘Gaza’ for three days – in army drill. Do not let your brothers and sisters die. Not in your name, not again.

Do not stay silent in situations of injustice, do not be on the side of the oppressor.

News extracted from : Israel National News & Haaretz

I Didn’t Know What Happiness Was – Faith, Men & Beauty.


I didn’t know what happiness was, until I had finally decided to permanently have the hijab put on. It had been in the moments where I had stared in the mirror with this extra piece of cloth covering my head, that I realised, any sense of security that I had prior to this, was nothing short of an illusion.

Being amongst the very many teenage girls and young women, who savor and classify beauty as something that is constantly seen on the covers of magazines, or models on billboards above, I had fallen ‘victim’ and had become amongst those who were insecure about how they looked, of which had then begun to affect how I felt as a person.

Many nights were spent struggling to look into mirrors, simply because every time I did, I was never pleased with what I saw staring back. There were always things that I was unhappy with,  be it a, tiny zit here, a big round nose, there, or a “Why can’t I be as beautiful as that girl?” here…it had become quite the ritual for me.

It was in such moments, with such logics of what the mass media defined, and had thus led me to believe, as beautiful, I had fallen prey to the whims of dunya.

My definition of a confident woman had been based upon those who had the guts to dorn short shorts and mid-rif tops. And Wallahi, I had envied those women. They were the ones I was secretly wishing, I was more like. The ones I wish I could be.

With those thoughts and wishes, I had made myself believe, that I wouldn’t be able to find a husband, if I were to have the hijab on. I’m already bound to be having troubles finding one, without, how could I possibly find one with it?

But Allahu Akhbar! God is truly Great. You know the saying that goes “The People that come into your lives, are there, for a reason.”? Well. Allah Azawajjal had simply showed me just what those reasons were, and at the same time, had placed my fears to rest. He had sent me passing angels, as I have now come to call them, to make me see and understand, just how wrong I had been. By the will of Allah, these amazing few had taught me lessons, like no other.

That and amongst all things else, had made me realize that the partner I ought to be wanting, should be one that is willing and is able to see, my true beauty.
The beauty inside of me, instead of the beauty that the naked eye can see. I’d much rather have someone who respects me enough, and is appreciative of the fact that I am practicing my deen, then otherwise. To be the one that I would need, and to be the one who is able to guide me.

I had finally understood what the meaning of true beauty was. It hadn’t been about having the glossiest hair, or the sharpest of noses. Although very pleasing to the eyes, such beauties were only skin deep. They had been nothing but an illusion of the dunya. None of it was ever permanent. The time will come, when it will all fade. After a few very long years, I had finally realized that, no struggle is worth the fading outcome. I had finally learned that confidence doesn’t lie in being daring enough to wear the skimpiest of clothes, rather it’s about being brave enough to cover and protect one’s self from preying eyes, and lust filled chatter. It truly takes greater strength and perseverance, to not flaunt what God has blessed us with.

In short, my perspective of things flipped a whole 360°. My views had changed almost entirely.

But…I still had one thing stopping me.

Truly, this had been my greatest of worries in my days of thinking through my decision on whether or not to wear the hijab.

I had feared, that I would become a hypocrite. For there were still so many empty slots for me to fill. And so, how could I possibly become this walking symbol of Islam, when there were so many things that I have yet to make perfect? Because that was how I saw the hijab. It is a symbol of a believing woman. I believed, but I feared it hadn’t been enough. I had convinced myself that I would only wear the hijab, when I was perfect in my deen.

I’ve always been a practicing Muslim, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly understood what it meant to be one. Through learning the major parts of the religion, I hadn’t acknowledged the smaller parts of it. The part that made it what it is. I had chased after the approval of the creations, I had searched through the temporality of the dunya, seeking and hoping, that I would find the peace I so badly longed for. I was ignorant of the words of God. I had heard, but I never truly listened.

I hadn’t realized that by the fact thay God had created me as a human, had simply meant that I’m not meant to be perfect. The creation was made, to make mistakes. Take Prophet Adam a.s for example, through his story, we knew that he had made a mistake. And he is a prophet. And prophets are humans, too. Which simply shows that they are not immune to making mistakes. They are not entirely perfect, for perfection is an attribute of the Creator and not His creations.
We as humans could only strive and try to be perfect, but that is all we could ever do. Perfection, truly is beyond us.

And so, if I had based my not wearing the hijab on my politically correct reasoning, when will I ever be wearing the hijab, if at all?

If not now, then when?
If when, then why not now?

Indeed, it had been through the people that played a hand in guiding me, and pushing me onto a path much greater, that I finally decided that it was truly time for me to wear the hijab.

Wearing the hijab is still a constant struggle. But for once, it’s a struggle worth fighting through. Because at the end of this road, all I could do, is love my Lord and myself, even more.

“Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel.” – Yasmin Mogahed


Note : In no way is this post criticizing anyone, nor is it meant to be a means of judgement. What has been shared is simply per-basis of how it had been, and how it sometimes still is, for me. Wearing the hijab doesn’t determine a person’s level of piety, for we all struggle in our very own ways. Neither is it an excuse for us to be on a path of self-righteousness. That isn’t what it’s about. The hijab is simply a beginning, a journey, to God Willing, a greater you 🙂

O’ People of Egypt


I’ve never thought I’d ever be writing about Egypt seeing as how I’m no where near being throughly educated in the political aspect of the country, nor am I Egyptian by any means, but seeing the vile atrocity that’s been happening the past few days, I feel as though ‘to heck with it’, explains exactly how I’m feeling.

I do not care if you hate the Muslim Brotherhood ‘party’, despise it even. It doesn’t change much of anything. But the fact that there are still so many Egyptians standing by and just watching as their brothers get killed…now, that simply disgusts me. How can one willingly stand on the side that is killing your fellow people by the hundreds? Do your brothers and sisters, the ones you’ve lived with, in harmony, for the most part, for centuries, mean nothing to you? Those who had martyred in Rabaa and everywhere else, hadn’t been just a bunch of nameless beings. These are the people most of you had grown up with, lived next to, went to school with, loved, had they deserved to die in the arms of a dictating monster?

Why has the blind hate you amazingly have for a movement, a political party (that was democratically elected, mind you) be the reason that you approve the mindless actions of a man who wants nothing but to bring you back to where you had started? Why are you allowing your nation to be brought back to the times of Mubarak? Had the suffering then, not been enough?

You were the one nation in the Middle East, that had given everyone around you, the spirit to fight for their rights. You were the nation that had been an exemplary success of a victorious revolution. It had been you, O’ People of Egypt. It had been you, who had became the source of strength for your neighbours. So why are things the way they are now?

You were victorious, once. You can be victorious, again. End this unnecessary ‘massacre’. Stand together as how you had at Tahrir Square, once upon a time, Bringing down a powerful and an undeniably horrifying dictator, an action you never thought would ever be possible. But you had done it. It is only you, O’ people of Egypt, who can determine your fates. Become one, once again. Be rid of the titles of Pro-Morsi or Pro-Coup. You are one nation. One people.

The world stands behind you. Put an end to this nightmare of a regime, and welcome new beginnings. Be a part of and strengthen the Brotherhood of your nation, as how we people of the world view you. (No pun intended)

We are with you, Egypt.

All you need, is just to be with yourselves.

With love and respect,
One who looks up to your nation.