Religion? Pfft! Who needs it!


Through logic we assume that man has the power to think for themselves, we know right from wrong, there is no absolute need for a Higher Power to dictate what we choose to do, or not to do, because you know, we’re simply just so brilliant, aren’t we? Why would we need some oppressing religion to boss us around? I mean, come on now. I can think for myself, so why shouldn’t every other man be able to do the same, too? I most definitely have no need to follow the teachings of books that came from thousands of years ago! Every bit of it is simply irrelevant in the times of today!

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the epitome example, of a man who knows right from wrong, good from bad – Eating Baby Soup for Sex. Voila!

People are in dire need to get off that high horse, pull themselves away from their rear end, and see, the rules that have been laid out for you, is not for the sake of a God that you don’t claim to exist, rather it is so you don’t become a bunch of monsters, like these people here.
Much like other issues that have occurred before our time, and those that continue to occur today, verse after verse, guidance after guidance, had been sent down for such occurrences and actions.

In reference to the article above, of those that you can find are in the likes of :

Surah Al-Takwir Chapter 81, Verses 8 and 9 :

“When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned, for what crime she was killed.”

In pre-Islamic Arabian times, better known as the period of Ignorance, the killing of female infants was very common, and very much often. Right at the moment a female child was born, her death sentence was already foreseen. Buried alive, is what her fate would be.

Only after the spread of Islam on the Arabian lands, did this forsaken action come to an end.

You see, Islam had not only prohibited female infanticide, but it had also forbade all types of infanticide, irrespective of the fact on whether the infant was a male, or a female. This very fact can be seen through it’s mentionings in :

Surah Al-Anam, chapter 6, Verse 151

“Kill not your children on a plea of want. We provide sustenance for you and for them. Come not near shameful deeds, whether open or secret. Take not life which Allah has made sacred.”

A guidance of which had been similar had also been repeated in :

Surah Al-Isra Chapter 17, Verse 31 :

“Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them, as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin.”

Were these verses only for the people of previous times, or are they yet and still applicable today?

As much as we crave to assume that we’ve outgrown the need of following orders of religion, the article shared above is more than enough proof, that we still do need to take a step back and realize, that we are not the wisest of beings. And as much as we wish we didn’t, guidance from the Almighty God, Yahweh, Allah, whatever it is you choose to call Him, is still something that we need.

We don’t all know right from wrong.
We can’t all tell good from bad.

Religion is not something that is meant to oppress you, rather it’s something that is to liberate you. To be a being, whose sense of humanity overpowers the need of self fulfillment. It is so we could be guided to be the best of people.
Much like our parents, no matter how much we hate the things they tell us to do, deep down (…deep…deep…deeeeeep down), we know that through their orders, all that they want, is nothing but the best for us.

So before you scoff at the existence of a need for religion, think of the reason why you need your parents. Look a little closer, dig a little deeper, and you will see, the reasons aren’t as far from the other.